Steampunk Vacuum Survival System is top hat accommodating space helmet


Spotted over at the illustrious Brass Goggles, Herr Doktor's Vacuum Survival System, which allows the dapper cosmonaut to soar between the ethereal void between the spheres with a monocle firmly entrenched in occular cavity and a domed helmet that accommodates the finest of haberdasher accoutrements, the top hat.

Essential Headgear for the Modern Astro-Traveler [Brass Goggles]

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8 Responses to Steampunk Vacuum Survival System is top hat accommodating space helmet

  1. gruppler says:

    That’s not a monocle.

  2. rak0ribz says:

    A bionicle?

  3. BrerMatt says:

    Whose picture is on the wall behind it? A steampunk Barbara Streisand?

  4. Outa_Spaceman says:

    That picture is of Fenella Fielding…
    (as seen in Carry On Screaming…)


  5. Herr_Doktor says:

    Good Lord! So, you’ve found me at last, eh?

    Quite correct, ’tis Fenella in her defining role, as Valeria Watt, misguided (Posibly)Sister of Kenneth Wiliiams’ Doctor Watt.

    No relation.


    Herr Döktor

  6. amoebaboy says:

    fine work her doktor glad to see it finally finished.

  7. SamF says:

    @#2: No, it’s not a bionicle either. 😀

    And that is awesome. I get an allergic reaction whenever someone haphazardly applies the term “steampunk” to anything with brass on it. But this is the real dealio.

    Now do the rest of the outfit and let me wear it for Halloween next year.

  8. efergus3 says:

    Nice switches and gauges. But if you’re INSIDE, how can you see them? Needs mirrors or a pull up periscope. I guess the goggles are to keep the wind out of your eyes.

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