Video: Stop-motion cutout Mega Man versus LEGO, pasta

I've spent half my life knelt in worship of the internet, but rarely does it bestow a gift so tailored to please me. This handmade video, woven from stop-motion cut-outs, found items, LEGO, and bound by a chiptune soundtrack, is not only hilarious and attractive, but serves to remind me how much I miss Mega Man. I was never that into the series after the first few, but I would always download the sprite rip packs that would show up and try to figure out how Capcom's artists could make simple sprites turn into lively cartoons.

Coincidentally, when I saw this first at Game Pipe Life, there was an ad for Sony's Little Big Planet off to the side, a game that renders the same literal textures as this stop motion video.

[via Game|Life]

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