Make your own doppelganger visage with That's My Face

That's My Face will generate a creepy, eerie mask of your face from two static photos for the price of $200. Many uses come to mind. Start next Halloween's "Yul Brynner in Westworld" costume! Buy one and wear it every day: be immortally young forever! Stitch one on a corpse and fake your own death! Or simply give one to your girlfriend and make out with yourself! That's My Face seem to recommend the last one above all: their motto is "Do Your Face Now."

That's My Face [Official Site via Crunchgear]

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  1. I think the real target market here is stalkers. Get two photos of the person you are stalking, get some masks and wait for her to scream “That’s my face!”

  2. To see one’s face in a picture or mirrior is one thing but to have a 3D copy like that must be a bit eerie.

  3. This screams stalker to me too. The life-sized, full head version seems rife with possibility for the creepily obsessed with 2K to invest:

    Get your life-sized head!…
    …Add a wig and you’ve got a your very own doppelgänger!”

    But the glass block keychain version with blue light for $29 is sort of cute.

  4. Social engineering by the security services. Please upload your own data to our facial recognition database so we don’t have to? 🙂

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