There aren't that many top-end film cameras out there for RED's new Digital Still and Motion Camera System to replace

RED released a new camera system today, the "Digital Still and Motion Camera System", a ridiculously modular system with a goofy name for which I'd mock them if the whole package didn't turn my tongue to sandpaper with lust.

But in a preface to an interview with RED head honcho Ted Schilowitz, FX Guide make an interesting observation: even though the new RED cameras could take on professional 35mm cinema cameras, there aren't actually all that many top-end units being used at any given point in time:

Currently there are about 75 Genesis cameras in the world, far fewer F35s or Dalsa cameras. If one was to give these cameras a generous $200,000 price tag, then at about 50 Cameras a company could expect to make 50x 200K = $10,000,000.

It was estimated in 2007 before RED delivered that the world requirements for high end cameras to service the non-indie film feature film market was just 500 cameras total. If the world could be clever: a mere 500 cameras would be need to film all the professional studio films in the world. There just aren't that many major features being shot simultaneously in any given month that the world needs more than about 500 top end cameras.

Interview with RED []

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