Manga Man: a multimedia novel readable by mobile phone, via t-shirt


The New Scientist has the details on Alexander Besher's new multimedia science fiction book, Manga Man, which is deliverable to mobile phones by a strange t-shirt delivery mechanism:

More unusually (at least by Western standards) is that the book is being published direct to mobile phones. Reading novels on mobiles hasn't really taken off over here, but it's all the rage in Japan, where the novels are sent in installments as text messages.

But what grabbed my attention was the bit about scanning a barcode on a T-shirt to be able to read it...

Besher has come up with the sly idea of getting T-shirts printed with a QR code, which when scanned directs people to the website for the novel.

I look forward to increasing sophistication in the cell phone delivery of fiction. Some genius is going to figure out how to do the first literary iPhone ARG one of these days, and he's going to make a million bucks.

A mobile phone novel read via a t-shirt [New Scientist via MAKE]

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  1. Um….

    The code you used to illustrate this with is totally irrelevant, it just links to wikipedias frontpage.
    What’s up with that?

  2. I hope the codes are at least the size of a CD, anything smaller and it’s a cold day in hell when my 1.2 mp camera can pick that up.

  3. QR codes are cool but I feel like they are a dead technology. The next hot thing is retro, steam punk morse code!

    PS, that QR code a link to Wikipedia, total bunk!

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