Order Domino's Pizza through your TiVo


TiVo and Domino's recent team-up to allow for the ordering of drinks, side orders and pizza pies through their DVR menu is generating a degree of skepticism, but I think they are halfway to a great campaign.

The trick is to tie the ability to order pizza in with the time with the Tivo's user data. For example, let's say that every Tuesday night at around 6pm, you sit down and watch two hours of stored television: a couple of thirty minute sitcoms, then an hour long episode of some medical whodunnit. It's a ritual.

Right after the first sitcom, Tivo pops in, remind you it is supper time and asks if you'd like to order a pizza: it'll be delivered by the time House starts. Answer "No" or "Never Again" if you want, or cave to the temptation of 18 inches of bubbling cheese and perfectly spiced and cured hog intestine.

I know: some will view this as yet another insidious intrusion into our homes by the Obesity Industry. But that's not the point.... handled well — with a proper network of carriers, intelligent application of TiVo's learning facility and options to turn off the feature in the menu — it could be quite the boon, both to food delivery businesses and couch potatoes.

TiVo delivers Domino [Zats Not Funny]

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  1. It’s interesting to me that pizza-ordering is always one of the first demonstration applications for new interactive TV technology. I mean, sure, there’s always mention of “Like what she’s drinking? Press 1 to go to Pepsi.com” pop-up ads and whatnot, to get the ad guys salivating, but it keeps coming back to pizza.

    I wonder if we shouldn’t just augment the public water system with a second, 18-inch-wide heated system of tubes; it might be less work in the long run.

  2. This is really smart, but I would still never order Pizza from a right-wing, anti-choice, anti-gay corporation.

  3. I don’t want it popping up! That said, it’s a great idea for it to be an option, or a “channel”, and delivery options could be linked to upcoming shows you’re about to watch (or hit the ASASP button).

    But, yeah, ewwww Domino’s. Haven’t had one of their grease-circles in a very long time for a couple of reasons.

    Childhood memory: When I was a kid Domino’s was pretty much the only game in town and they had that great, but apparently dangerous, “30 minutes or it’s free” deal. My mom would tell me to call them and give me the money. When I got off the phone I’d look at my snazzy (post LED) LCD watch and note the time. If they were more than one minute late I’d argue with the driver and keep my mom’s money and the pizza. I never told her… Good times.

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