MSI Wind Netron: This is what a "nettop" looks like


Tiny notebooks became "netbooks". Fine. Now tiny all-in-one desktop machines of the iMac/Dell XPS One pedigree, have become "nettops". MSI, maker of the popular "Wind" netbook, has announced the "Wind Neton" line of nettops, essentially flat panel monitors with little Atom-powered computers inside, perfect for browsing the web and doing basic computing tasks.

Prices will start around $400 and go up depending on screen size, with optional touch screens and operating system choices. The "M16" model has a disc-drive; the sleek "M19" [pictured] does not.

Will the "nettop" terminology stick? It might for a while, but I have a suspicion that within a couple of years we'll just be calling these sort of devices "computers", as the all-in-one PC merges with connected HDTVs.

MSI All-in-One Nettops previewed []

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