The trailer for the cartoon version of the Jodorowsky and Moebius Dune that never was

Bat21 wins the Reader No-Prize of the day with this awesome email update about the never-made version of Dune by Jodorowsky and Moebius:

Contrary to the legend circulating the Internet, Jodorowsky and Mobius did make this epic but not in the form they originally wanted. Jodorowsky had always said that he considered the novel as a starting point. His Dune was radically different. One the many changes was making the main character Emperor Shaddam IV, not Paul Muad'dib Atreides. Frank Herbert disavowed the project and this may have contributed to the funding falling through. Jodorowsky and Mobius did some tweaking (mostly name changes) and starting in 1981, published it as an original comic book series called L'Incal (The Incal). Some issues were translated into English and published in Heavy Metal magazine. Like Dune, the story was later greatly expanded. Science fiction/ comics fans refer to the books as the Jodoverse or the Metabarons Universe. The latest series, Sans Nom, le Dernier des M├ętabarons - (Nameless, the Last of the Metabarons) was released in 2003.

Because of L'Incal's popularity and success in Europe, Jodorowsky and Mobius again attempted to make a film in the mid-1980's. This time, the film would have been animated, giving the creators greater visual control but at a (hopefully) lower cost. For unknown reasons, this project also fell through. Enough footage was created for a trailer. [Posted above – Ed.] None of the Pink Floyd music is in the trailer. A generic synth track was used instead, but some of the filler footage does reference the now iconic cover of "Dark Side of the Moon". The voiceover may be jazz poet Ken Nordine.

More Dune facts:

• Frank Herbert has publicly stated that he was happy with Lynch's adaption of Dune. Because of their complexity and thematic density, Herbert believed his novels would never have mass appeal and was unsurprised by it's poor box office perfomance.

• Because of contractual obligations to producer Dino DeLaurentis, David Lynch had to turn down George Lucas' offer to direct Return of the Jedi.

Dune may have inspired Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" (Walk without rhythm, it won't attract the worm.)

Mind: blown. I actually had some Metabarons comics when I was a kid and had no idea that they stemmed from Dune in any way. (And I barely knew who Moebius was, let alone Jodorowsky.)

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