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  1. Wow that went down on us pretty fast.

    (err, im talking about youtube taking down the video. no pun intended)

  2. This is one where you’re even more than usually guaranteed that the YouTube comments thread is going to be terrible.

    Kind of fun to look at them, though, because you can’t really blame the commenters this time. It’s a woman going down on a microphone, after all.

  3. Aww, from your “shocking” comment I was on the edge of my seat waiting for her to jump suddenly backwards as a jolt of electricity unexpectedly zapped her tonsils. Alas, its just undergrad art school style performance art.

  4. They call this garbage ‘art’?
    I guess any seemingly-pointless thing even slightly out of the ordinary is now art.

  5. Well, we always did refer to the foam windscreens as “mike condoms”… (And actually, it’s been pointed out that a condom is not a wholly unreasonable way to try to protect a mike on a rainy day.)

  6. @15

    Douglas Adams told a great story about trying to find a condom for a microphone in “Last Chance To See.” They were looking to lower a mike into the Yangtze River to record dolphins. It’s definitely worth a read.


  7. @14-

    All artists, art students, and art appreciators, please report to poisondev to be told what art really is.

  8. I’ll stay out of the debate as to whether or not this is art. That said, I’m rather envious of that bit of Sennheiser hardware she’s gulping down which, BTW, is generally battery powered rather than using phantom power.

    And yes. An RE-20 would be more impressive. Much more impressive. But hey, art or not, impressive or not, it was still pretty sexy from this audio dork’s point of view.

  9. As an audio engineer, I can readily say this was one of the most awkwardly, fantastically sexy things I’ve ever seen.

  10. I should add: As an occasional sound tech for amateur musicians, I’ve been very used to having to alternate between “The mike is your friend. Stand closer to it” and “Not _that_ good a friend; back off just a bit.”

  11. One other quick observation: Note that unlike all the geeks watching her enviously, _she_ has sense enough to wear earplugs while she’s doing this!

  12. “they should drop 2/3 frames and put in yakety sax in the background.”

    Great now I got to clean the coffee i spit all over my Keyboard and Monitor

  13. Sigh…I’m getting ysdlecix in my old age. When I first read that headline, I thought it said Microsoft Fellatio, and wondered if it was a new kind of sex sim 😛

  14. Ultimately, all art is for the grant money. Just ask Michaelangelo.

    What is she doing to that mic, by the way? Is it tasty? Are they fighting?

  15. @6 – all im saying is that if she were deep throating a U47 while im stuck tracking vox with an SM7, i would cry.

  16. She’s hot and gets a lot of points for the slow, sensual, and serious nature of her work, but she missed an opportunity to make some music. By controlling volume and using some ring modulation or phase shifting with a little flanging and echo or reverb for rhythm, while rocking her crotch on a wah-wah or pitch bend pedal, some real possibilities for a sonic experience would arise, a screaming atonal climax.

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