LG working on multi-touch displays... but are they for iMacs?


There's reason enough to be skeptical that Apple views multi-touch laptops and desktop displays as a sure thing, including comments from Jobs himself saying "just because we could doesn't mean we should." Still, with HP of all companies soundly beating Apple to the punch, it's not too hard to imagine that a touchscreen iMac may well be among the refreshes introduced to the line at January's Macworld, along with quad-core Intel processors and lower power usage.

Some butt to the scuttle, then: Stuff just took a tour of LG's Korea factory, and spotted some multi-touch capable displays. That doesn't mean that they are being made for Cupertino, of course, but it puts it, at least, in the realm of possibilioty.

Does LG's multitouch display mean a touchscreen iMac is coming? [Stuff.tv via Slashgear]

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