Risilights: the nearest thing yet to transparent stone you can actually buy?


"Translucent cement" is finally available to buy – if you're willing to pony up $140 a brick. Furthermore, it's "kind of" cement, too, with the brick being best described as a kind of electrical lamp themed on see-through stone, but not actually comprising much of it.

RisiLights are used to illuminate walkways, steps and terraces. RisiLights are available to match both the Pisa2 and StackStone retaining wall systems (may also be used with RomanPisa or RomanStack Ashlar retaining wall systems).

They are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are shipped complete with instructions. The only additional items needed are the light bulb and the appropriate underground electrical cable. RisiLights are ready to be installed using a conventional 110V power supply. If you prefer, a 12V power supply may be used, but the light socket provided will need to be replaced with an appropriate low voltage light socket.

A timer or photoelectric control unit may be used with RisiLights, but should be installed at the power source. This allows all of the units in that circuit to be centrally controlled. Multiple units of RisiLights may be connected in a parallel circuit with a second external wire continuing to the next light through the second opening in the rear of the unit.

Still, it's pretty! Check out this pic from Risistone's catalog:

Picture 2.jpg

[RisiLights via Oh Gizmo]

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