Would this iPhone ad make you complain to your government?

I can't decide who is goofiest: the 17 people who complained about Apple's iPhone 3G ad claiming that the phone was "really fast" or the UK's Advertising Standards Authority for listening to them and banning Apple's ad. Unfortunately I haven't seen the ad in question, but if the ASA's previous pedantry is any indication, it's probably being persnickety — especially when Apple has clearly amended its claims from the American ads, which claimed the 3G data speeds to be "twice as fast."

While the above ad is for Australia's Telus Optus, I wouldn't be surprised if it's basically the same ad in the UK. It does present a best case for each of those actions, but it also doesn't claim to be doing it all over 3G, either.

Apple made to drop iPhone advert [BBC] (Thanks, Zoe!)

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