Inflatable outdoor projection screen


Open Air Cinema has a new 16-foot inflatable projection screen that folds up into a 20-pound bag. An air blower keeps the whole thing engorged, while six straps keep it taut.

Before you get ready for some mid-winter outdoor movies (perfect for keeping the elderly subdued yet entertained) be sure to get a look at the price: it's a cool grand.

Open Air Home Screen product page []

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  1. Mappo, actually, the screen I have can be used outside. It’s a DaLite Cinema Fast Fold; example pic here:

    It might take a little longer to set up, but I guarantee it’s quieter and it probably takes up less room when stored. It’s also stretched flat unlike this bulbous thing. It’s got tie-downs and can be had used for a lot less than a grand.

    Sometimes things are just a solution looking for a problem. In this case I think it’s been solved better before.

  2. It seems like it would be easier and cheaper just to find a friend who has a white wall on the side of their house handy. I guess it wouldn’t be a clean as the white surface of the tent but it would still be very effective, and no fans needed.

  3. Why not an fold-up frame? Like a folding cot/ lawn chair basically but big and flat? Wouldn’t the blower be noisy while you were trying to watch something?

  4. I have one. They suck. One thinks that large speakers would help this, however, it sounds like a leafblower. I’m dead serious.

  5. Buy large sheet of opaque white fabric
    Get some cheap PVC pipes
    Assemble pipes into a basic frame
    Attach cloth to frame
    Secure it in place with some sandbags/ropes/duct tape

    Seriously, people need to learn to jury-rig.

  6. Man, I thought the point of having a projector was so you could show porn on public buildings. No screen required.

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