iPhone app takes the SMSing out of logging into AT&T free Wi-Fi


iPhone app developers Devicescape have put together a fantastic little iPhone app that makes logging into an AT&T wi-fi hotspot as simple as starting up the app and mashing a big on-screen button with your thumb.

Essentially, the current system works by using your iPhone to send a text-message to AT&T, which registers your phone and allows you to connect on the network. Devicescape's Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T simply asks you for your number once and then sends that text message for you with just one click.

The only problem is the price: $1.99 is hardly steep, but it really does seem like free app functionality... most ideally, free app functionality supplied by AT&T themselves, who should have made the whole system less convoluted in the first place.

Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T [iTunes via Ars Technica]

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