iPhone app takes the SMSing out of logging into AT&T free Wi-Fi


iPhone app developers Devicescape have put together a fantastic little iPhone app that makes logging into an AT&T wi-fi hotspot as simple as starting up the app and mashing a big on-screen button with your thumb.

Essentially, the current system works by using your iPhone to send a text-message to AT&T, which registers your phone and allows you to connect on the network. Devicescape's Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T simply asks you for your number once and then sends that text message for you with just one click.

The only problem is the price: $1.99 is hardly steep, but it really does seem like free app functionality... most ideally, free app functionality supplied by AT&T themselves, who should have made the whole system less convoluted in the first place.

Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T [iTunes via Ars Technica]

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  1. Free until Friday, then $1.99. I’d be happier if AT&T would successfully validate my iPhone, even if I had to manually send the SMS. I have yet to successfully use the free wi-fi, and always end up sticking to 3G.

  2. #2: I have the same problem. I’ve gone around and around with AT&T and the people I’ve spoken to either don’t understand my problem or can’t do anything about it. Very frustrating.

  3. There’s been much debate about app pricing amongst developers recently, and the consensus has almost unilaterally been that app prices have hit a valley of unsustainability and are only going to go up. And, really, app developers should be allowed to make money from their work. I would much prefer paying $2 once than looking at ads all the time, which would be the only other sustainable model. But every time an app is not free any good press is tempered with “well, it *is* $2…” So was my coffee this morning, and that took a lot less time to make.

  4. ProphecyBoy

    You think growing, picking, roasting, transporting and grinding coffee beans + having the storefront infrastructure to heat water, put it in a cup and hand it to you takes less time than a 22 year old sitting in his parents basement banging out and testing some code over a couple days?

    I am amazed that a cup of coffee *only* costs $2.

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