Coby pitches $100 laptop, the PoqetMate


Coby, a company famous for its ceaseless efforts to hijack from a guy with an invincible argument for owning it – his name is Coby – is the latest gadgetmaker to put its head in the guillotine and announce "We shall make a $100 laptop!"

(Update: or not: the rumor is anonymously sourced and denied, though the company has applied for a trademark for the the term "Coby Netbook")

It'll come down to software. At the given price, the specifications will be closer to a Peek or a cheap cellphone than anything else, meaning it'll have to run an extremely well-engineered cut of Linux. Windows XP will probably be out of the question, though Windows CE is a possibility.

Lilliputing points out that Coby is well-positioned to make this work: its specialism is in making cheap but OK second-tier appliances, then selling them by the WalMartful. Simply by stepping up to the miniature-notebook plate while the outfield's still chaotic, it's already done something noteworthy.

Pictured is a quick 'shop of what it might look like, based on its similarly-sized portable DVD player.

Coby to intro sub-$100 “Midget PC” [Lilliputing]

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