Teach your iPhone to swear


Courtesy of Tim Luoma courtesy of Charlie Sorrel couresy of Dan Gruber, this solid tip on how to teach your iPhone to swear: make all the curse words you would like to use regularly in text messages or emails blank contacts in your contact list.

If you're wondering where all the posts were this morning, here's your answer: I spent the last five hours importing most of the more colorful Urban Dictionary entries into my Contacts List.

Ducking an iPhone Annoyance [Lucoma via Gadget Lab via Daring Fireball]

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  1. I’m glad that you liked the tip, sorry I caused you to lose your morning 🙂 The tip came to me in the middle of an awful 2+ hour meeting yesterday which should have been over in ~20 minutes.

    I do wonder what the Mobile Me techs will think when they find 1,000 new “fucking fuck” contacts in their databases this morning.

    Oh, you wrote “couresy of Dan Gruber” I think you meant “courtesy” of *John* Gruber (proprietor of Daring Fireball).

  2. Wheres the /usr/share/dict/words file on an iphone?
    I’ve got at least 20 variations on ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ in mine. I wouldn’t be able to communicate via text without the words ‘shitheel’ and ‘fuckwit’ readily available.

  3. It does eventually learn the obscenities you use most frequently, but I really could have used this tip sometime in September or so…

    An App that allowed you to add-to/edit the autocorrect dictionary would be supremely awesome, though.

  4. I’ve finally taught mine to ducking swear, but I can’t teach it to learn the word “yo-yo”. I tried the contact trick as well as many others when I first got the phone (a long long time ago), but it refuses to allow me to write yo-yo. Instead: “to-to”.

    I guess you can imagine how problematic this is for a professional yo-yoer. The word does come up a bit.

  5. I think the iPhone learns words slower if you click the ‘X’

    it learns better if you let it auto-correct, then immediately delete ‘duck’ and type that other word

  6. So what you have here is an app that requires all kinds of little workarounds and hacks just to make it let you put in what you want to put in. That’s **** ***** ***** *** ******* ***** ***** *** **** ******** **** *** **** ***** **** ******* ************* ******* **** of itself.

  7. This means I should get around to creating “iSwear”, an application I’ve had in mind for a while.

    iSwear will have a _graded_ list of swear words in it. You install it, and tell it the rudest word you know, and it adds it and all the _less_ rude words to your dictionary in one go.

    So, simple, effective, and nobody learns any words that were more offensive than the ones they already knew, so it should be safe for kids of all ages 🙂

  8. It’s much easier to do this than the tip implies. Spell out the word to be added, Fuck. The proposed correction, Duck, will appear below. Tap the word Fuck once with your finger. The Duck will disappear. After that, iPhone will remember the word Fuck. No need to go adding stuff to your Contacts. This will also work with non-vulgar words the iPhone doesn’t know. I’m surprised I have to explain this stuff.

  9. ha ha

    When I was teaching I created a program on the class computer to catch swearwords and yell at the user (for fun, not because I cared much).

    Of course, immediately a student found the wordlist I’d tucked away and thanked me for teaching him a few new words.

  10. There’s a gmail account at iphone.filth@gmail.com – password, ‘slutmonkey’ – there’s variations on the top 25 english profanities for your delight, plus some other curly ones I’ve found useful over the years. Feel free to add your own – if you keep the contact sync’d, you should be able to inherit everyone’s additions automatically.

  11. It would probobly be kind of hard to program them to do that and even if you did manage to it wouldprobobly take a while.

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