Twenty 45 adapters


A collection of 45RPM record adapters from Glen Mullaly, who just so happens to be an awesome illustrator.

Full-size image and manufacturer key [Flickr] (Thanks, DD!)

Update: Reader Tim H. writes "It seems like you can't post an image as a comment on bb (for obvious reasons) but I've bumped into a handful of people like me who have loved the 45 symbol enough to get it tattooed."


Update 2: Bingo the Chimp writes "This beautiful 45 adapter tattoo on my beautiful girlfriend's arm always makes me swoon."


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  1. I can’t believe this! I was looking for images of these adapters a few months ago. I’ve seen the shape of the adapters on a lot of hipsters’ shirts, but I don’t think most of them even know where it’s from, or what it’s original purpose was, which is terribly sad.

  2. Dude, that’s like getting a 1/4″-1/8″ phono plug adapter tattooed on you, or a PS2-USB adapter. WTF? Tattoo an ADAPTER on your arm? I’d would REALLY like to know what you think of your tattoo in 20 years.

  3. 68FLH, but it is a pretty cool shape, regardless of what it does. It’s definitely less likely to be embarrassing later in life than, say, a skull with flames and snakes or something trite and ridiculous like that. (Or, a Harley logo?? heh)

  4. #5: I’d get that tattoo if I were the tattooing type, but I can understand not ‘getting’ it if you didn’t grow up with stacks of 45s in the 70s and early 80s – definitely a generational thing at this point.

    It’s been a quarter of a century since they’ve been useful and I still think it’s a cool tat. I imagine it will continue to mean as much in another 25 years, probably more so to the nostalgic amongst us.

  5. #8: I dunno, I did grow up with stacks of 45s and I think it’s a dumb idea for a tattoo, but I think tattoos are pretty retarded anyway.

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