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Today on Offworld, we saw stunning side-by-side comparisons of the real D.C. versus the post-nuclear version in Fallout 3, watched Dragon Quest in ballet form, noted that the classic Space Invaders would be coming along with its latest futurist remake, and thought about the right and wrong ways to present in-game ads.

We also looked at Scribblenauts, a new DS game from 5th Cell that promises to make 'anything' you can think of a usable object in the game, coveted Meat Bun's latest gaming T-shirt designs, watched how a budding love story was scrapped as Left 4 Dead's opening cinematic evolved, and got deep with an existentialist meditation by way of Paperboy, Tapper, and Balloon Fight.

Finally, we listened to '8-bit Jesus', a new chiptune Xmas album that reinterprets holiday hits in the style of NES soundtracks, got even more retro with extruded 3D dioramas of 2D classics like Mario, Zelda and Pokemon, heard unsubtle hints of a new Crackdown sequel, looked at Gish creator Edmund McMillan's new video game mashup "album", and, most amazingly, learned how to build a portable talkbox with a bendy straw and the DS's Korg software synth so that we might remake Pete Drake's Forever in handheld form.

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