Voltaic Generator solar bag now shipping, capable of charging a laptop


Voltaic Systems has announced the "Generator" bag, a laptop case with a solar panel that finally, blessedly has enough oomph to charge a laptop. An hour in the sun will get you 20 to 45 minutes of run time, depending on the power draw of the laptop itself. And of course like all the other Voltatic bags, you can charge up phones, cameras, and the like.

It's not cheap, though, in large part because the 15-Watt solar panel has a 20% efficiency, which is quite good for a consumer piece. The Generator also has a larger 58-Watt-hour Li-ion battery that it uses for power storage, which also isn't cheap.

Very slick. If I weren't already in a heavy backlog of reviews I'd try to take one out for a spin, but haven't used previous Voltaic bags in the past, I'm sure that this one is quality.

Voltaic Generator solar bag product page [Voltaic Systems]

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  1. This thing looks so damn cool. Any chance when you guys get on that you can do a follow-up post benchmarking it on different kinds of charges? Like an hour in the sun bought this much extra use time on a MacBook, a Blackberry, etc.?

  2. I really want to know what this could do for my XO. Someday, XO, I will be able to take you off on an adventure!

  3. I find it odd that they express battery capacity in watt-hours… For that to mean anything useful we’d need to know the voltage.

    Incidentally my cell phone doesn’t have its wattage written on it anywhere, so this is practically meaningless.

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