OS X WiFi drivers now available for MSI Wind


MSI's Wind was a near-perfect "hackintosh" netbook, able to run Apple's OSX system software but for one problem: no WiFi drivers for the factory-installed wireless card. Realtek's remedied the problem by emailing a customer with OSX drivers, according to GottaBeMobile.com–and the customer's promptly leaked them to the internet.

Regardless of how the RTL8187SE driver came to be, users are reporting success with the Realtek WLAN Client Utility. The RTL8187SE doesn’t show up as an airport card, but does provide full Wi-Fi functionality for OS X Wind users.

The success of “hackintosh” netbooks is one reason (among many) why Apple will probably never release their own netbook. For a reasonable $349 USD or less, consumers can pick up an Acer Aspire One, Dell Mini9, or other popular netbook. These devices aren’t powerhouses, but do provide the option of running Apple’s OS X operating system.

In effect, this means the MSI Wind U100 is a perfectly compatible Mac clone requiring only a modified version of OSX to get up and running.

Photo: D.B.Cohen

OS X Realtek Wirless Driver for MSI Wind Released [Gotta Be Mobile]

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  1. Yes, the headphone issue has been addressed though its a bit hacky, You have to run a script to switch between speakers and headphones. I just keep a link on my desktop, works for me…

  2. @Riazm: The NC10 will install the MSI Wind-modded version of OS X: http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2008/12/samsung-hc-10-h.html

    Known issues:
    – The USB ports no longer work post-OSX-install.
    – Included Wi-Fi card is not compatible with Apple’s Airport utility — meaning you can’t connect to wireless internet. Swapping out the Wi-Fi card will likely do the trick.
    – Dead headphone port (Charlie’s fix might work; we’ll check soon).

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