Source: New Year to bring new Mac Mini

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An anonymous tipster told Wired's Brian X. Chen that the Mac Mini will get its stunningly late refresh at January's Macworld Expo. Though rumors of its demise persist, the fact remains that it's a top seller at Amazon and isn't likely to die any time soon.

He has no details, but many hopes:

Similar to the MacBooks, the Mac Mini will sport a silver enclosure composed of a block of aluminum. Some internal parts will be PVC-free, and combined with its size and low power requirements, Apple will tout this as the "greenest Mac ever." For video output, the Mac Mini will use the DRM-crippled DisplayPort for connectivity, which Apple is offering to manufacturers for a no-fee license. It'll have a CD-DVD slot loader (i.e. Super Drive). There will be no Blu-ray player, because Steve Jobs believes the format is a "bag of hurt."

Rumor: New Mac Mini Coming to Macworld 2009 [Wired]

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