Intel Classmate PC is a miniature Tablet PC


Laptop Magazine dinks around with a near-final version of Intel's Classmate PC, the latest revision of the education-oriented netbook. While the silicon sifters inside the "CTL 2go PC" are the usual fare — Hello, 1.6GHz Atom! — the screen whips around like a Tablet PC, offering 8.9-inches of pen computing for the lil' ones.

Why it is ugly as sin is beyond my capacity to explain. The two-tone plastic and superfluous Michael Okuda-style bumps aren't doing it any favors. (I do like the handle, though.)

If Intel has access to these touchscreens, though, it stands to reason that Asus, MSI and company do, too. I wouldn't be surprised to see some touchscreen netbooks "for adults" at CES.

Intel-Powered Convertible Classmate PC: The Touch Netbook to Emulate [Laptop]

Inside baseball note: I find it amusing how Joanna Stern at Laptop has just completely owned the netbook beat. I can't recall a new model that she wasn't the first to use hands-on.

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  1. Having the Zaurus story so close to this one really shows that many of these device should not have been pushed to market if they don’t have equally good set of software to go along. I’m not an Apple fan boy , and actually don’t own anything Apple. But the multitude of good hardware that fail to get widespread acceptance proves that Apple pairing of hardware/software may be it’s greatest charm.

  2. @#2 You have to understand, the Kewl Kidz Klub at boing boing has to denigrate any practical design particularly if it is inexpensive or useful for y’know actual work.

    This is to be contrasted with the multiple orgasms they will have when St Jobs introduces the $2,000 iNetbook. He will of course be credited with the invention of the netbook and any other design will simply be dismissed as a failed iNetbook killer.

    In the same manner, when some smirking prat spraypaints his netbook copper and festoons it with a few cast iron gargoyles and calls it his etheric difference engine, boing boing will gush over the fantastic steampunk design.

    Personally, I and many of my friends gush over a ruggidized touchscreen tablet design, ’cause it would actually be usable and handy for tech work.

  3. Oh, fuck right off, Monopole. There are plenty of PCs and other netbooks that I think look just dandy. But you’re right: We are much “kewler” than you.

  4. I don’t love the design but I wouldn’t say it’s bad. I’m really looking forward to a tablet style netbook though (preferably one with wacom style pen input and multi touch). Hopefully it’ll come out before my current computer dies. And look good.

  5. Monopole, you really come off as a jerk some times. Strike that, you really are a jerk some times.

    Every blogger here has praised a netbook from one manufacturer or another from time to time. Get over your damn fixation with calling them “kewl” (christ, how old are you, six??) or move on to a blog that doesn’t irritate you.

  6. That design is a direct ripoff of the OLPC XO. The swivelling screen, the handle at the back, all that’s missing is the rabbit ear antennae.

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