Mac OS X Netbook Compatibility Chart (Just get a Dell Mini 10v)

Update: This has been useful for many people, which is very rewarding, but I don't have time to maintain it anymore. Sorry! Instead, a straightforward answer: Get a Dell Mini 10v and use this guide to put Snow Leopard on it.

Apple says it's had "pretty interesting ideas" for a Mac netbook, but it's everyday users who've already taken action. Most of the popular netbooks can run OS X, but there are plenty of caveats: non-functioning components which lack drivers, need to be replaced, or which simply can't be gotten working at all.

Frequent kernel panics reported during Samsung NC10 installs.

Fan control and ExpressCard34 work on Lenovo S10.

Email us or add a link in the comments if you've got OSX working on a new netbook. We'll add it to the chart and link it to your instructions. Thanks!

Note: In many cases, components can be replaced with third-party parts that work with OSX, especially WiFi. And you can always just use USB dongles.

Note: Green doesn't mean it's easy to set up, or that you won't need third-party software. It just means you can get it working. How-to guides for each netbook are linked to from the chart.

Hacking OSX into a netbook isn't easy, and may require familiarity with the terminal. You'll have to grab a hacked version of OSX from the tubes, in contravention of Apple's EULA. You should own a legal copy, too. Piracy isn't nice.

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394 replies on “Mac OS X Netbook Compatibility Chart (Just get a Dell Mini 10v)”

  1. The Aspire One can supposedly use the same WiFi drivers as the Wind. You can also swap out the card in the same way as any of the Netbooks and have it work. Audio also works with auto-sensing of headphones. The mic/line-in don’t work though.

    I don’t think the HP 2133 can run OSX at all — it uses a Via C7 processor. You’re probably thinking of the Mini 1000, which has an Atom processor.

  2. I promise you audio works on the Dell Mini 9. Mine doesn’t have BT, but I’m fairly certain that works too.

  3. Acer Aspire One built in Ethernet works out of the box, and the AAO does not come with Bluetooth so that could probably be removed from the list. Any Mac-compatible USB Bluetooth module will obviously work.

  4. Couple notes. I find the Dell Mini 9 to be the purest install. It can use the normal wifi without the stuff needed on the wind. Also using boot132 you CAN use a retail leopard DVD easily and you CAN pay Apple for it. Sure it is debatable if the EULA is enforceable but at least you are not pirating this way. the other good thing about the install is it places thing son the EFI partition. What this means is all the users of the method just upgraded to 10.5.6 and it “just worked”, with iDened, iAtkos, Kalyway this is not the case.–t1106.html

  5. Also I thought the Aspire One needed a hardware swap to make wifi work? Or at least that was the case with the atheros card my brother had in his last time we tried. Has this changed?

  6. Everything works on the Dell Mini 9, they have a guide for a few different methods at along with a lot of info from their users on hardware compatibility. Apparently most of the Dell hardware is perfect for a smooth transition to OSX.

    Sleep doesn’t work with the default SSD, but it seems to work fine with larger aftermarket SSDs that people are buying. One fellow is making a driver for the built in card reader. I think he has it working for up to 2Gig SD cards (no SDHC).

  7. Audio works on the S10 (instructions here

    Built-in mic does not work.

    Ethernet does not work.

    List is a good starting point, but may I suggest a couple of additional columns?

    Cooling Fan (machine isn’t as useful if you can’t use it for any length of time due to overheating)

    CPU throttling (power management)


    The basic stuff currently listed gets you a machine that runs OS X, but these little additional things make the difference between a “why, because I can” project and a usable system.

  8. I have an EEE1000Ha and audio works (see previous post linking to the ipis wiki).

    I also have a AAO and the wifi doesn’t work on all the versions of it, my aspire one required a swap of the pci-e wifi card. Ethernet doesnt work on it at all.

  9. Onboard WLAN for AA1:

    Everything else for AA1:

    Note that onboard LAN is reported to work. I’m not sure the AA1s come with bluetooth at all. I am too lazy to Google it. The chart incorrectly lists line-out as not working, when it is in fact line-in that does not work.

    As for OSX with a VIA C7, actual OQO instructions are here:,2430.msg19574.html#msg19574

    It’s odd that only one person in the entire series of tubes has done this on a Mini-Note 2133. If we are to accept that at face value, I would suggest adding another column for video drivers, because I cannot imagine there are any for the integrated VIA chipset, which would limit you to 800×480, same as the OQO.

  10. the Mini 1000 which I just saw in person yesterday at a BestBuy in NYC appears to be a very desirable candidate, thinner than Wind, and with a scrolling trackpad. Some Winds (not sure which ones) don’t have a Synaptic trackpad which apparently eliminates 2-finger scrolling, something I can no longer do without. If the Mini 1000 had a slighter larger trackpad a la the EEE 1000HD, it would appear close to perfect. All comments/links to Mini 1000 hackintosh greatly appreciated.

  11. Also heard HP’s updating the Mini 1000 processor in January when they release the Linux version – apparently going to a new faster Via cpu. Best keyboard of any netbook I’ve used. nice chart, Rob, thanks.

  12. Yeah I have an Aspire one and you need a hardware swap to get wifi, but the ethernet works fine. There is no BT, so that point is kind of irrelevant. You might want to add a “sleep” column as I know the Aspire has problems with it under OS X and I thought the Mini9 did too.

  13. Why doesn’t the wireless card and usb work? Is it a matter of drivers? Or is there some inherit difference in the hardware that will make it impossible?

  14. I really really want to get OSX on the Mini Note 1000. You have the 2133 up there and I have not been able to verify that. Sine the 1000 has the Atom proc I would agree most likely that is what is being referred to. Please clear this up. Not to be pushy but I have had a hard time locating which ISO to use for the HP and would love a nudge in the right direction.


  15. @9 Type11

    What this means is all the users of the method just upgraded to 10.5.6 and it “just worked”, with iDened, iAtkos, Kalyway this is not the case.

    WOW! I never thought I’d ever consider Dell again for the rest of my life, but that puts it head and shoulders above the rest in my book.

    Apparently you need the 32GB MyDigital SSD for sleep to work, though.

  16. The Lenovo S10 on the chart could use an update. Ethernet does not work, but audio does, using the azalia audio driver package, apple’s CHUD, and audieee to switch between headphones and built-in speaker output. For a complete guide:

    The Lenovo S10 makes a great “MacBook Mini” btw. In 10.5.5, the built-in wireless works with a downloadable wireless driver update, sleep works, audio works, the fan works and adjusts according to temp/load. And it foregoes a USB port (has only 2) for an Expresscard34 slot! And it has a multitouch-capable synaptics trackpad that can be made to work with two-finger scrolling, although the current incarnation is a bit rough and could benefit from continued development.

    There is a great user community including quite a few people using it as a Hackintosh at the above forum! (No relation or connection, just a happy community member.)

  17. BT on the NC10 works just fine, same as USB. The guy who made the osx86 distro for the nc10 almost has the mic/headphone jacks working OTB so I’d say the NC10 is right up there with the Wind. Not completely, but in the same ballpark.

  18. +1 for an Ubuntu version of the chart. I’ve tried to make it work on an eee900 but though you can now get close it’s still broken in various small ways.

    Which brings up the next issue. This chart is a bit thin. For instance, there’s no mention of the video camera that all these things have. And having audio but no microphone stops you from using Skype effectively.

  19. Might be worth noting that the HP mini 1000 doesn’t have an ethernet jack, so ethernet is a nonstarter anyway (at least I looked all over and couldn’t find it). Maybe it is available through their proprietary expansion port?

    Not a big deal, but the red X makes it look, to me, like it doesn’t work, when really it isn’t on the feature set to begin with.

  20. The HP mini 1000 we received does — its under a rubber plug on the left hand side. Very inconspicuous.

  21. also confirming audio working with the audiee-“hack” and chud combo on eee901

    eee900 uses lowspec celeron .. dont know if it works on that.. supposedly not..


  22. Big props to you guys for this chart. Makes it a lot easier to see what’s working and not. I also didn’t know that they got sleep working on the Dell Mini 9! That puts it back in the running for me, since sleep is the deal-breaker.

    And an Ubuntu version of the chart would be awesome. I’d love to be able to dual/tri-boot on one of these netbooks.

    Time to go configure me a Dell Mini.

  23. Cool. I’ll look for the ethernet port when I get home. I guess I shouldn’t post on a gadget that I’ve only had for one day 🙂

  24. Hi, I have a Dell m1330 computer. I want to try and install the Mac OS. How do I know it its compatible? Thanks!

  25. This is a great chart, and it’s awesome to see so many interested netbook hackintoshers! Just wanted to clarify another detail on the S10.

    According to forum posts on, people have used the Lenovo S10’s expresscard slot in OSX with expresscard cellular wireless adaptors (USB-based) but not not cards that use the PCIe bus. Here’s one thread with discussion.

  26. My Wind, which is the U100-290AU Australian variant, has a Ralink b/g/n WiFi card in place of the Realtek one in the US version.

    There are no Mac drivers for the specific card that MSI uses (the 2700E), but the ones for the 2860 work just fine as of the latest version. Anyone out there with a Ralink-enabled Wind (you can tell by looking at the sticker on the bottom of the case) can download them here.

  27. Oh, and another suggestion that might have been mentioned already: a column for sleep mode? That’s one of the biggies, and it works on some and not on others.

    Aside from that, keep up the good work!

  28. FYI – For those interested in just how OS-X will run on these guys, there’s a good benchmarking application/site Many many many folks have run the benchmark on a wide variety of hardware and posted the results.

    It looks like the netbooks are clocking in around the same speed as an iBook G4 with the MSI Wind leading the pack with the highest average speed (based on a quick look).

  29. One thing worth mentioning- I figured out how to install from a dvd without an external dvd drive. All you need is a computer with a dvd drive, the disk, and a SATA to usb adapter (in a pinch, you can even take one of these from a pocket hard drive).

    Pull the hard drive from the netbook, hook it up to your computer which has the dvd drive, and install as normal, making sure to select the drive you just hooked up on the destination screen. When the DVD portion of the install is done, pop the HD back in the netbook and do all the kext installs and whatever other tweaks you need.

    I can’t vouch for other models, but it worked fine on my wind.

  30. With what my biological tech support calls “Pretty Bad Tendonitis”, I’ve had to stop using my eee pc altogether. I really like the mini 1000, so I might go that route.

    I might point out that most of the installs I’m seeing for the mini are hackintosh distributions. People doing EFI from-scratch installs seem to be faring better, at least in the network department. I’m just not seeing a lot of evidence for the audio device.

  31. There are no links regarding gigabyte m912 compatibility. Mainly only wind dell and asus related links (end of the article).

    I second the need for additional parameters like fan cooling, sleep mode etc

  32. You really need to specify that the EEE PC 1000H WiFi works out of the box, however the 1000AH WiFi does *NOT*!!!

  33. 1 GN of RAM on the Dell Mini 9 seems like a real showstopper for anything except text editing and web browsing.

  34. Microsoft only licenses Windows XP ultra low cost pc edition for machines with 1GB of ram or less, and that’s basically the only way to get XP now.

    I think I saw a sylvania reseller offering 2GB on a linux model, but none of the major netbooks come with it.

    Just buy a 2GB stick from newegg for $25.

  35. Your settings for MSI Wind are WRONG!

    The following things don’t work!

    – Headphone port
    – Mic port
    – Internal mic

  36. another plug for the s10 and the s10 community pointed to by anonymous.

    the audio hack actually comes from the eee, and its not that hard to apply.

    also as a previous poster has pointed out, you can do a vanilla/retail install.

    finally if you want to run XP under some kind of virtualization, you should use sun’s virtual box. disk performance under vmware is so bad that fusion is unusable on the s10. don’t know about parallels.

  37. Worth noting that the MSI Wind U100 can use one of three RF modules. This useful readme from MSI identifies the three:

    MSI Wind RF readme

    The Realtek is the one referred to in your table, I think!

  38. I would like to see a little more on compatibility information.

    1. Does OS X 10.5.5 or 10.5.6 install and run.

    2. If #1 is Yes then user the finder or iTunes and give a screen shot with CoverFlow working.

    3. Does the cooling work.

    I’ve seen a whole lot of people do screen shots of OS X running and patting themselves on the back but none have answered my CoverFlow question.

  39. The type11/boot132 method for the Dell Mini 9 now supports SDHC cards and sleep with the stock STEC SSD! Now you can install a fully functional system from a retail DVD with updates that “just work.”

  40. An additional column or two would be a huge help.

    Some people would be interested in the way the trackpad is supported. With some installations of OS X on netbooks the trackpad does not work for taping at all. On others it works just fine even with multitouch support.

    Maybe just a column for annoyances would be fine.

    For example;

    touchpad does not support clicking
    sleep does not work
    sound only works through headphone jack

    Thanks for the list

  41. Hi,

    Does any one have any info on the tweaks mentioned here to get the LAN working on the NC 10?
    I haven’t been able to find one website talking about getting the LAN working on this netbook.


  42. I’m kinda confused, too. The chart here and the blog post on Wired either say that the the Ethernet works, or they don’t list it as one of the things that don’t work.

    The JaS 10.5.6 for NC10 that was posted on Demonoid seems to be the closest to getting everything work, less the wireless and ethernet.

    So, what’s the truth?

  43. The Eee 901 will install from an official Apple Leopard DVD.

    Also: I can’t find any references describing how to get the ethernet working on the 901. Error in the table?

  44. How about the Asus N10? I hear installation is tricky since USB has to be disabled. According to InsanelyMac, the hybrid graphics work just fine.

  45. One thing that I would like to see included in the matrix is whether this install is from an Apple Install disk or from a hacked install. This, to me at least, has significant weight in whether a netbook should be ‘recommeded’.

  46. So why isn’t the HP 1000 on the short list as the Wind and the Dell and the Lenovo are? It has pretty much all green lights. I’m looking at the HP and I like the design and figure I can use it with Linux if the Leopard install goes sour.

    Thanks for all the great info and to all the folks getting this stuff working.

  47. I’d get the Lenovo S10, but apparently Bluetooth is only included on non-US models (or costs ~$15 to get the card off of eBay).

  48. Ended up buying the Lenovo for $270 with Live cashback and the Bluetooth module for $25 from HelloWiFi (used to be $15 but keeps selling out so they raised the price).

    Also, doesn’t the MSI audio in/out work the same as the S10 with Audieee? My friend has one that I put OS X on, I guess I’ll try it later.

  49. Hi Toshiba NB100 works as well:
    Description how is found here for iPC 10.5.6:

    Wifi (with changed to Dell DW1390
    Ethernet: yes
    BT: Yes
    Resolution: yes
    Sound: yes
    Trackpad: yes
    Cardreader: yes

    Not working: Audio In/Out (only with USB Sound Card)
    Built In Mic
    For the Sleep Problem i installed Deep Sleep and this is working fine. (Just takes a few seconds longer)

  50. Big fan of the S10. Did an intial install on a Wind, but the keyboard was almost unusable for touch typing, and to be honest, the mattel build quality turned me off.

    With a dual boot, the lenovo has been quite the conversation piece with both my mac and windows using friends. It’s quite a solid, stylish and easy to use machine.

  51. I’m very interested in the Samsung NC10 netbook because its simply the best deal at the moment (also better than the Lenovo S10).
    Did anyone find a solution for the Ethernet, Audio i/o and Sleep function?

  52. Does anyone know if OS X is possible on a Eee PC 900A? I got a deal on one from Best Buy’s outlet, but I can’t seem to figure it out. I upgraded the RAM to 2GB and the HD to 32GB SSD, but I’m having trouble and can’t find anything online. Thoughts?

  53. Does Vid-Out on the chart mean video out through the VGA port on the netbook or mean video output in general (as in on the netbook screen)?

    Since the S10’s Ethernet doesn’t work, does that mean I will not be able to hook it up to an ethernet port only, being forced to use Wifi?

    Why do people feel the Sleep function of a laptop is important? Am i missing something? I figured if your using a portable computer, you shut it off when your not using it.

  54. Why do people feel the Sleep function of a laptop is important? Am i missing something? I figured if your using a portable computer, you shut it off when your not using it.

    You must be on crack. How do you cope with your loss of workspace context?

    I never shut down / reboot my computer willingly. If I had my way (according to no-kernel architecture) even operating system updates wouldn’t require me closing my open applications. (Damn you Quicktime updates!) Then again, applications should also maintain persistence (like “save state“). (I often hear that GDB can do this, but I’d like to see someone write up how to actually do it with OSX.)

    I also expect my browser to keep about 500 tabs open (seriously) and not crash.

    Then again, sleep/resume functionality should also be extended to networked “live migration” ala Xen VM.

  55. hi there,

    is there any experience with UMTS / 3G? A good netbook should have always access to the net.


  56. Questions about the Lenovo S10:

    1) Does the webcam work correctly under OS X?

    2) Does the RJ45 ethernet connection work correctly under OS X?

    3) Does the trackpad function as it ought to under OS X? Is there any functionality missing?

    4) Has anyone installed a Bluetooth module and does it work with OS X? If so, which make & p/n of Bluetooth module did you install?

    5) Has anyone replaced the 802.11g card with a 802.11n card, and does it work with OS X? If so, which make & p/n of 802.11n module did you install?

    6) Has anyone installed a 2Gb RAM module in the memory slot, to bring the total RAM to 2.5Gb? If so, does OS X recognize and use all 2.5Gb? Does installing a 2Gb module screw anything up when using XP?


  57. Here’s my results with the Asus Eee PC 1000HE:

    Working: sound, video, track pad (including two-finger scrolling), sleep

    Not working: ethernet, wireless, camera

    Untested: Audio in/out, video out, bluetooth (however, bluetooth DOES look to be good out of the box, I just haven’t tried it).

    I’ve put together a preliminary install guide here: How-to: Install OS X on Asus Eee PC 1000HE Netbook

  58. The Aspire One has a multi-touch touchpad (that works in Firefox 3.1 beta 2 on Win XP).

    Is that touchpad supported for multitouch in OSX?

  59. Update for the Asus 1000HE:

    Audio out and video out work, but are a little flaky (somewhat like the trackpad that sometimes requires a restart to get the drivers to load properly). Audio out is quiet (use Audieee to change to headphones), and video out required a little unplugging and replugging. Otherwise, works fine.

    Audio in still untested.

  60. A correction on your chart – I don’t think anyone got the HP Mini 1000’s to work during sleep. If I’m wrong please point out how!

  61. I read that the Mini10 ans Mini12 cannot run OSX due to the inherent incompatility of its graphic chipset. Maybe Dell broke the mould when they released the Mini9…

  62. Does anyone know if OSX will work on a Sylvania G Meso netbook? It seems to have similar specs to the other netbooks mentioned here. I have been looking at them because of the low cost and features. If they run OSX, that might seal the deal. Thanks.

  63. seeing as these laptops are mostly for browsing and as Flash is so CPU intensive on OSX what’s the point ?

  64. Bex, the point is that the world does not revolve around flash.

    That said, my Akoya mini (MSI Wind clone), runs Leo 10.5.6 and flash 10 well enough for online flash games, so the perceived issue is moot.

  65. No one has commented about the Dell Mini 9…so here is what i’ve got. Everything works plus sd card reader, sleep, vga, CoverFlow.

    Installation is ridiculously easy: you DO NOT NEED to hack anything, you do NOT require familiarity with Terminal, you do NOT need a hacked version of OSX, and you do NOT need to be a pirate.

    Buy a copy of OSX and install using a decent Dell Mini guide (get the DellEFI from Google Code).

  66. I would like to install OSX on the Dell Mini 9. However, I’d like more than 16 GB SSD. That’s the max available on the Windows version.
    If you buy the Ubuntu version, you can get up to 64GB!
    Does anyone know how you can install OSX on one of these?
    Or has anyone found a way to order a Win Mini 9 with more than 16 GB HD?

  67. Or has anyone found a way to order a Win Mini 9 with more than 16 GB HD?

    Why not just order the Ubuntu version with 64GB if you’re going to install OSX anyway?

  68. Right, I was going to order the Ubuntu 32 GB version, but I wanted to follow the zdnet directions for installing OSX

    Will these work on a non-Windows, Ubuntu Mini-9?

    Also, as a fallback, I wanted the ability to go back to Windows if future OSXs break on the Mini.

  69. Can anyone comment on this?

    The Mini 9 has several options: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB SSD drive? Do they all support sleep, or just the 32GB+?
    Do both webcams work? (VGA and 1.3MP)

  70. @Hokusai

    Apparently most or all of the SSD options work with sleep now. You should opt for a 16GB or higher, though, as the initial OS X install is pretty big.

    I have one with a 16GB SSD and the 1.3MP webcam, and it works well, using the Gizmodo how-to and some updated SD card reader drivers.


    I believe Windows XP Home licensing for netbook class computers has *maximum* specs, before the vendor must pay more, for a “full-power” laptop or desktop license. So for now, 1GB memory and 16GB drive is the max you can order, if you buy Windows from Dell with the machine.

    If you’re really brave enough to install OSX, you probably wouldn’t mind having Linux as your “fall-back”, right? The only reason to get Windows is: if you will need to follow the USB stick drive installation method, and don’t have any other Windows machine to do the Windows-specific formatting required. Otherwise the Dell’s default OS doesn’t matter because you take it back to a bare machine and boot from the Apple DVD.

  72. ANON, thanks for the useful feedback on both points. The first is interesting, but why not just pass the extra cost on to the consumer? The 16 GB seems a bit anemic, unless you are just web surfing and cloud computing.

    On the second, I think my supervisors want a Win netbook if OSX does not work well…so I’ll just have to trust it does!

  73. What about the Samsung NC20?

    I know it does not have a Intel Processor, but the Via Nano CPU does meet have the requirements for running Mac OS X.

    But I would maybe think about getting me the NC20.

    The 1000HE is also be a nice option. The 1008HA just does take me too long to wait for it.

    Does anyone know more about transforming a Samsung NC20 to a running hackintosh machine?

  74. Does anyone know if the Dell Mini 10 is just as easy to install OSX on???

    I assume the hardware must be just about identical, but want to make sure before purchasing.

  75. i know this is a netbook posting, but what about the OS X on an EEE Top Touchscreen PC? It has an Atom N270 with a GMA950 video card.

  76. 1000HE works great with 10.5.6. You have to change the Wifi Card, thats all. Webcam works out of the box… Google, there are many tutorials for the 1000he!

  77. so the 1000HE works 100% after changing the WiFi Card?
    No problems at all or anything that doesn´t work when running OS 10.5.6?

    Did not get any results I could use for buildung a hackintosh with a 1000HE.

    Got some furhter infos for me?

  78. Bob, Can you update this chart?

    Seems like it’s getting outdated pretty fast.

    I’m particularly interested in the Asus 1000HE, which apparently is different enough from the 1000H that it should have it’s own row.

    The 1000HE has been picked as the perfect Netbook to run OS X by 9 to 5 Mac, and I’d love to hear what other people think of it, and how difficult the installation was.

  79. Agree about the 1000HE, its one beefy netbook. I’ve been beta testing Windows 7 and following the UBUNTU EEE group carefully, so adding OS X on another drive should prove illuminating.

  80. I can’t see the red and green anymore – all I see are ?’s… Firefox 3.1 Beta – Mac OS X 10.5.6 (on a real MacBook, btw).

    When you update the chart can you fix that please? Or even before then…


  81. Sound works on the HP Mini 1000 using the new Voodoo HDA drivers. Ethernet is also confirmed working.

  82. So the new Dell Vostro A90 (basically a mini 9 with a different video card and processor) is on sale for 199. Does anybody know if this will work as well as the mini 9?

  83. Mini 9? Some confusion about the Card Reader working with OS X?
    Does it and if so, what is the largest sdhc card it supports?
    Any real life experiences out there? 🙂
    THANKS IN ADVANCE for any help qnd direction!

  84. I’ll be real interested when reviews of OS X working on “HD”-screened netbooks (Mini 10, 2140) come out. That’s what it’s gonna take for me to move up from my 1000HA.

    Some of the higher-res HD netbooks are using a GN40 chipset which will most likely always be a big no-no in OS X.

  85. While I’m VERY happy with my iDeneb 1.4 / Acer Aspire One (160GB/6 cell/DW1390 card) I am pretty tempted by the “new” Dell Vostro A90. It seems to be a rebadging of the Mini-9 (which seems to be one of better netbooks for OSX)

    The thing is on sale now for $199 at dell’s site with an 8GB SSD (iDeneb sits in 6.1GB).

    It’s pretty tempting but the keyboard is still a deal breaker for me. I just can’t get used to all the missing keys/function combo keys…

    Just FYI, the Dell Vostro A90 is priced to move at the moment…and runs OSX remarkably well.

  86. Great table! If possible, please keep it sticky and updated. BTW, it would be great to have also the weight of the computers.

    Note: the table is not displayed properly on Safari on Mac OS X (latest versions).

  87. On a sidenote, do all of these netbooks have 802.11b/g or are there some wi th 802.11i? Because I think it won’t be able to connect to our Airport Extreme otherwise (we’d prefer to keep it in its current, non-compatibility mode).

  88. This chart is great, but I would love an update! Even if you haven’t received many reports from people experimenting with the newer models, a line in the chart with any info you do have would be much appreciated. I am buying a netbook in the next month or two, and would like it to be a fairly recent model because specs have improved, but it has to run OS X well enough for reliable daily use taking class notes/handling email/Skyping. Either way, thank you very much for compiling this!

  89. I’d like to add my voice to requesting another update. I’d be interested to know if the Dell Mini10 (with the upgrades like the 1024×768 screen) will also work. I do know, to answer one of the posts above, that the Mini10 uses a different series Atom processor (the Z530, which is one of the oldest and slowest of the Atoms) than most of the compatible netbooks (which use the N2xx, and the N280 version is faster and much more battery-efficient). As much as I like the Mini 10 upgrades, it has the worst processor, unless that is upgraded as well. I LOVE that it has the HDMI video output.

    Also, MSI has a couple of new Winds, including the 120-series, with the N280 Atom, which seems like the best current option.

  90. From anonymous coward to anonymous coward (#146): Yes, the webcam works on the Dell Mini 9 – at least in my case …

  91. To everyone who have managed to install OSX on Asus 1000HE.
    1. What method did you use? Boot132 or iDeneb or some other ISO?
    2. Can someone confirm VGA out port.
    3. Sleep.

    Someone mentioned about CoverFlow, can someone even confirm that!!

  92. Please add Samsung N110/N120 and Toshiba NB200 to the table. They’ll be launched very soon.

  93. What about Ram recognition with Mac OS X on a EEE 1000H or 1000HE?

    Some people say XP just supports up to 3GB Ram on the Netbook and Vista recognizes 4GB Ram, but no informations about 4GB Ram on a 1000H or 1000HE running Mac OS X…

    Any informations about that?
    Need the extra RAM for performing more programs in the background while working with the netbook.

    I know that there is just 1 RAM-Slot in the 1000x netbooks, so there will be needed one 4GB Ram-Stick, but first of all must be checked if Mac OS recognises it…

  94. what about the new 0802 bios version that came out for the 1000he?

    there is a confirmed information that you will get 256mb ram video unlocked instead of 128mb ram.

    i am really curious if os x will still work without any probs with that new bios.

    somebody any idea?

  95. “What this means is all the users of the method just upgraded to 10.5.6 and it “just worked”, with iDened, iAtkos, Kalyway this is not the case.”

    Yeah, that’s what I thought before: Finally I can update my system easily.

    Unfortunately, I found it’s not true.
    Download the whole thread, and look for “upgrade.”

    Need to do something for upgrading from Apple:

    I think currently, efi-x is the only thing that can use Apple updates without any mods.

    I am happy to know if I am wrong, because efi-x is expensive.

  96. I have a Lenovo S10 with XP installed and I want to install OSX and save the XP installation in case I want to go back to it. I could replace the XP drive with a new drive, but is there another way to archive XP so I can restore it later?

  97. This is a good page, I hope you will be updating it on a regular basis, as new Netbooks are released the whole time and it seems to be a very vibrant aspect of computer hardware at present.

  98. The “current” Dell Mini10 is NOT a good target for becoming a “hackintosh” because, besides using one of the oldest Atom processors, they also threw in the GMA500 graphics chipset, which Apple has never supported.

    The “new” Mini10v MAY be a good target, since it supposedly includes both a newer Atom processor, and the GMA950 chipset (same as the Mini9) which Apple HAS supported in the past, meaning the community wouldn’t need to write a graphic driver from scratch to make it work.

    This doesn’t address the other hardware (WebCam, Sound, WiFi, ethernet, SD Card Reader?, etc), although a fair amount of research into Dell hardware has already happened because of the Mini9.

    As soon as they ARE actually shipped, chances are that the community will be looking at them to see if we have a new option for an OSX86 laptop. 🙂

  99. Did anyone try updating to OS 10.5.7?

    Very interesting to know if everything still works.

  100. Dell Mini 10V, looks like a mini 9 with a larger screen. Anyone have any thoughts on OSX and the new Mini 10V?

  101. Have you guys never heard of using different symbols instead of just different colors? The red diamonds are almost impossible to tell apart from the green diamonds for us red-green colorblind folk. Try running your table through the checker at to see how difficult it is. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to quickly tell the difference between “works” and “doesn’t work” if you just used, say, green check marks vs. red x-es? Any non-colorblind people have trouble reading the table too?

  102. Eee PC 701 4G works with OS X 10.5.5 installed on USB External drive, and should work on USB stick or SDHC. The only thing that doesn’t work is the headphone jack out, but that’s easy enough to overcome with USB headphones. Oh, BTW, I did have to swap wifi card with the Dell one, 1390 I think it was. A USB wifi Mac compatible dongle works just as well. I am very pleased.

  103. I can confirm that the Compaq Mini 700ED (sibling of the HP Mini 1000) works great with OSX 10.5.7. All functions working, including sound and ethernet. Did not test external display and mic in seems low in audio. An excellent how-to (which i followed) is here:

  104. Thanks for the Update!

    How about the Dell Mini 10v? It uses Intel GMA950 graphics. Should that one work? If it does, I’m switching from MSI Winds to that one.

  105. How about the Dell Mini 10v? Would love to install OS X on that netbook if it’s possible.

  106. From Wikipedia:

    Mac OS X 10.4 supports the GMA 950, since it was used in previous revisions of the MacBook (but not MacBook Pro) and even some 17-inch iMacs.[52] It has been used in all Intel-based Mac minis (until Mac Mini released on March 3, 2009).[53] Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard contains drivers for the GMA X3100, which were used in a recent revision of the MacBook range.[54]

    Late-release versions of Mac OS X 10.4 also support the GMA 900 due to its use in the Apple Developer Transition Kit, which was used in the PowerPC-to-Intel transition. However, special modifications to the kext file must be made to enable Core Image and Quartz Extreme.

    Although the new MacBook line no longer uses the X3100, Mac OS X 10.5 ships with drivers supporting it that require no modifications to the kext file.

  107. Is there any way you could make a version of this chart that a color blind person can use. I may be a knowledgeable geek, but if I can’t tell the difference between the green, yellow, or any other color that may be there, it is hard to take advantage of your info.

  108. Okay .. a bit annoying.. Eee pc works (with patches after install) 99% .. (or is it 90%.. !?)

    I have EVERYTHING working on my EEEpc 901, only thing ive updated is the wlan to a native airport-n card. But the installed Ralink card works with driver from ralink.

    WiFi:works with ralink-driver (even updated recently)
    Eth: works
    Sound: works
    BT: works
    Vid-Out: works
    Trackpad: 2finger scroll .. even
    Card Reader: works
    Audio i/o: in: i havnt tried anything but mic(works) .. so i cant say . Out .. works
    Sleep: works .. kinda.. need to press “1” after resume..

  109. I have the Dell Mini 9 with a stock 64GB SSD and it goes to sleep fine. It’s hibernation (sleep-to-disk) that doesn’t work.

  110. The Dell Mini 9 fully works even with the default STEC SSD. Sleep is no problem. Bluetooth works, Camera works, WWAN using the built in Dell Ericsson 5530 for AT&T works.

  111. Chipset
    Mini 10v:
    Integrated Intel® 945GSE UMA Graphics Media Accelerator
    Mini 10:
    Intel® Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 500

    Mini 10v:
    Integrated Intel® 945GSE UMA Graphics Media Accelerator
    Mini 10:
    Intel® Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 500

    Does this mean that the dell mini 10v is able to be hackintoshed!! Anyone want to buy a dell mini 10? Sell it to ya cheappers!

  112. MSI Wind U100 should be all green diamonds.

    The audio i/o has been fixed with the Voodoo HDA driver available in

    Now you can listen to audio out or headphones. Also the mic input works although low quality.

    Only thing lacking is the built-in webcam.

  113. In my experiences, the Wind is the easiest to mod and the only netbook that comes close to a real mac. I know it has that cheap plastic feel to it. But that trackpad with the almost single button feel is the most mac like out of all the netbooks out there.

    Plus, the audio does work. Well, at least the headphone port. Also my webcam works on both Photoshop and iChat via the Retail Boot-132 method [Easiest way to install]

    I own 27 Macs, I use my Hackintosh the most. Which can give you an idea on how stable it is.

    Plus, you have the great support of the forums. You can get an answer to any problem you might encounter along the way. That place has sure gotten me out of a few pickles usually within 5 minutes or so of searching.

    My opinion, the MSi Wind hands down FTW.

  114. MSIWind , tragically unusable trackpad button (use external micro mouse instead) but a great nice and cheap little machine otherwise, speedy, very stable , everything works apart from hibernation. If it rus out of battery, it just shuts down.

    This is with an WindOSX86 install, is it true that a retail install does not have this issue? Any clues anybody?

  115. Yes the Dell Mini 10v should be compatible as it uses the GMA950.

    The Dell Mini 10 & 12 will never work as the GMA500 is a Power VR SGX 535 GPU (re-branded) by Intel so unless Apple ship a system with that GPU it will never be supported.

  116. There are TONS of guides for “regular mass market laptops.” For the record, this info pertains to all hardware, it just specifically mentions some netbooks due to their common hardware. You really should look around.

  117. How come the sound is still in RED on the Asus EeePC 901 ??? It works great now, drivers are here. With full support of playback and line in/line out.

    Anyway, works well on my EeePC 901 :p

  118. Is there any progress on the hp 2133 series???I would be really happy if somebody has some fresh info!
    Tnx in advance

  119. The NC10 can work great, mine is awesome. BUT, I had to switch out the network card. This probably voided my warranty.

    This is the link you want:

    Ethernet, audio, etc. are all fully functional (change the chart!). It doesn’t have the tap-mouse button thingy that the Windows install has, but that may just be because I haven’t figured out how to configure it.

  120. Oh, and for NC10, sleep works fine–when it is not plugged in. Not a huge deal, I don’t think.

  121. anyone an idea, if macOSX will work on the new EEE 1008HE?
    Or in other words: does anybody know, if the 1008HE will have the same WiFi Module like the 1000HE?

  122. Did anyone test this with the Dell Mini 10 with the memory upgrade and the new TV tuner option? I don’t really care for the TV tuner, but I am more interested to see it work on the mini 10. Thank you.

  123. What about the dell mini 10v? It has a different graphics card instead of the GMA 500 it has a GMA 950.

  124. The MSI Wind has working Sound input output by way of the VoodooHDA Driver, Everything works except internal mic.

  125. According to the post by Anguish, you can get audio to work by unzipping a package, and that Wi-Fi works just fine (at least with an upgraded card). I would link to his post, but is down for now.

  126. Have had great success installing OX 10 on NC10 through alternative means using a lot of the gizmos out there. Doesn’t use slipstreamed OS or Retail DVD and doesn’t require reformatting the original factory install on the NC10 – simply creating a new FAT partition and then restoring an image from a MacOS install located on an external USB HDD using a Leopard upgrade DVD to load Disk Utility. All this enabled with the DellMiniBoot123 on DVD to crank up the Leopard disk.

    After installing various tweaks from Greg’s Wind Driver pack and Stuart Shelton’s adapted NC10 Audioeee I have correct resolution, all usb ports, touchpad, bluetooth, control over sound output, onboard camera. Upgrade to 10.5.7 gave me Ethernet connectivity and a Dell 1490 Wifi card got me wireless. I boot into MacOs using a Darwin bootloader on a USB flash drive. I can boot into Windows as normal (don’t do it much now)

    Video and audio work great in iTunes but I can also watch perfect TV via a UDB Terratec Cinergy and Elgato Eye TV.

    Have not tried Video out yet or onboard mic and the fan tends to switch on quite often.

  127. The site is back up. According to this, Wi-Fi works (with an upgraded card), audio works (with an installation), and sleep works when you disable USB Legacy support (like in the Mini 9).

  128. dell mini9 don’t need to chage ssd to sleep.
    There’s Patch for original SSD for sleep.

  129. Samsung NC10 now has working Ethernet, although without hex-editing or manually setting the MAC address on each boot, the hardware address is always 11:22:33:44:55.

    Audio output works on the NC10 with the Azalia driver, but a separate program is needed to switch between the headphone jack and the internal speakers. The VoodooHDA driver supports the hardware better, but currently corrupts badly after sleep.

    Sleep has never been a problem for the NC10, and it’s been 100% stable – but this does depend on the installation method used and what extensions are present. I use an EFI install – with others, YMMV.

  130. hi,
    Sorry for my poor english.
    my acer aspire one a110 works completly with d-link DWA-110 wifi usb key. Card reader is ok, sound is ok.
    today, I launch Macosx on usb card with LiveCD from IPC, (complety modified). I want to make clone from this usb card on internal ssd card.

  131. I loaded an MSI wind with OSX without any problems. Sound works very well, although I did not try the mic. As it is the case with most netbooks the screen is too small. Has anyone tried to hack OSX into the new MSI X Slim?? That seems like the perfect netbook to me.


    Just reminding you that you said you were going to change the chart to be colorbind friendly. I still see a bunch of diamonds. How about green + for works – red X’s for doesn’t work – Blue ? for don’t know… and yellow ! for works, but with a caveat.

  133. for aspire one:

    sd card reader WORKS (just like mini9)
    vid out WORKS of course
    the orig. wifi CAN WORK but not always

  134. So finaly what do you recommend more, the NC10 or Dell 10v? I maybe would prefer Samsung cuz i have a R50 already and runtime is important for me. Eee is a bit to… ugly… sry ^^

  135. Acer D150 works great with Deneb except for sleep. Grrrrrr. SD reads no problem. Got $10 DL 1390 card from eBay.

    Any one find a sleep fix?

  136. Just bought a HP 2140 with the 1366×768 screen. I am dying to know if it’ll run OS X. It uses the GMA950, so maybe.

    Anyone tried yet? I will probably be trying here shortly, would appreciate any tips.

  137. Running 10.5.6 on a Gigabyte M912
    Bluetooth works just can’t be shut off
    Trackpad and scrolling work
    Video out works except it cannot mirror displays
    Card reader works
    Sleep works
    Headphones and speakers work (don’t auto detect have to use a program to toggle them)

  138. I also have a Vaio UX 280P
    Everything works but sleep, wifi (easy to swap), card reader and wwan.

    BT works
    Video out works
    Eth works
    Trackpad/nub thingy works
    Touchscreen works
    Sound works in and out

  139. @ROB: Come on now .. update the eeepc 901 chart allready ..
    Everything works (with appropriate drivers … ) even 2 finger scrolling works natively !!

  140. Any one tried the lenovo S10-2 (differnt from the S10) Just placed an order for one and I am hoping the install is the same as on the S10.

  141. Quick comment !

    The last news regarding the install of OSX on our eeepc are there:

    I recommand you to go visiting my website ( and more precisely these articles:

    To get the microphone working:


    I hope the author of this article will modify it to include my modifications.


  142. Thanks for the update! This is an incredible resource. And thanks for changing it to colorblind friendly. I’m not colorblind myself (thank God), but I know people who are. And even for people who can see color – different symbols are easier to read.

    Thanks again!

  143. Has anyone tried the HP Mini 2140?

    And what does it mean when it says a ‘X’ in the sound column? Does it mean that I can’t sound going on the netbook?

  144. An update about the dell mini 9:

    for sleep mode, you dont need to replace the SSD. Heres what you have to do:

    1.start your system and hold the #2 key when you see the dell logo on the screen, this will take you into bios setup
    2. use your arrow keys to goto the “Advance” tab
    3. use arrow key and go to “USB BIOS Legacy Support”, press enter and select “Disable”
    4. use arrow keys to open the “Exit” tab, and choose “Exit Saving Changes”

  145. I don’t want to pay a Windows Tax for an OS I despise and won’t use. Anyone know where I can buy any of the ‘recommended’ netbooks with Linux?

  146. @ Mostly-Anonymous Alex

    When you buy a netbook, you are mainly paying for the brand name, you can find somewhat equal speced netbooks at various prices, my Acer Aspire was 300, the ASUS 10000HE was about 349-379. ASUS are known to be a bit more expensive than the rest with no extra features. Compare the specs, not the OS on it.

  147. Anybody know if the Lenovo s10-2 is the same as the s10 for hackintoshing? Hardware seems the same, but any real world experiance?

  148. The table needs a legend, it’s not clear what the “O” and “diamond” symbols mean, otherwise a useful resource.

    People should be aware that he netbook/osx scene is having serious growing pains with people wanting to make a name rather than share information. fwiw the “generic” install methods already common amongst the osx86 communtiy also work on netbooks, a usb-based retail setup is generally prefeable to a prepatched distro.

  149. Orange means either that it works partially, or that it needs an inordinate amount of tinkering. I’m not being consistent with glyphs, I know.

  150. Nice chart but you need a key. What the heck is the difference between a yellow circle and a yellow check mark and a yellow diamond?

  151. I’m not sure where exactly the info from the table comes from, but I have a 10v and there was exactly ZERO issue with WiFi. Installed OSX on it, WiFi just worked, no issue.

    Sleep also works with one change to the BIOS settings. I don’t think that’s “inordinate.”

    Audio works great with the VoodooHDA audio drivers. This is a separate install but they’re easy to find and it takes less than a minute to do it; also not “inordinate.”

    Basically, the community has figured out how to make the 10v work just as well as the Mini9. It’s a great hackintosh.

  152. The eee pc 1000h should be updated and bumped to recommended machines.
    Ethernet and audio i/o are fully working with new drivers (instructions found on the link in the original chart).

  153. @Sunbyrne #243:

    What kind of process is in your Mini 10v?
    Dell offers the 10v with either Atom-N270, Atom-Z520 and Atom-Z530.

  154. Anyone working on converting the new Toshiba NB205-310 Netbook yet? It has apparently just been released and it’s very nice (I saw it at Best Buy). I’d like to get one and install OSX, but I’m not up to speed yet on how, so could use some insight.

  155. The Dell Mini 9 is still being sold through Dell Business as the Vostro A90. There are also still some leftover Mini 9 and someday A90’s in Dell Refurbished.

  156. has someone tried OSX on the new Aspire One AO751h it seems a good candidate (11.6″ WXGA + full size keyboard for $399)

  157. You should reflect in the chart that many netbooks can easily have wireless by swapping out the wifi card. I picked up one on eBay for $10 that worked with the Acer Aspire One.

    Change the X to an Orange O for wireless on the Acer Aspire One as well and the ASUS 1000HE. Wireless works fine by adding a compatible wifi card. The Acer was easy, the ASUS was more difficult.

  158. Hi Guys,

    maybe we should start a wiki, then we can edit the chart by ourself an collect all important links at one place, including, video tutorials, file-links, how tos, etc. I think this overview isn’t updated fast enough.

    What do You think?

  159. Great article. Keep it updated over time!

    OQO is the best UMPC out there and Mac can live on it…

  160. Since Dell A90 is the same as Mini 9, the page should refect A90 as being available and a prefer choice over the MSI 120. Mini 9 is still available via the dell outlet.

  161. This is great – thanks! All your top-rated devices have HDD. I am wanting one with solid state drive for travel, but still want to install Mac OS X. Will the solid state versions of the top units, like the HP 110w/16G solid state, for example, handle the Mac OS X as well as the HDD version?

  162. It seems that the Verizon HP Mini 1151NR is based on the Mini 10v as it has GMA950 video. That is great. Should there be any problems with the 3G modem?

  163. I just realized that the post I submitted a few minutes ago is complete and utter nonsense. I somehow got Dell and HP swapped around in my brain. Sorry for that

  164. I would like to underline that installing a copy of OS X on a NON Apple machine is illegal (as per Apple’s EULA) regardless the fact it is a legal copy or not.

  165. Simon,

    Didn’t years ago Apple came out with some software that allowed it to run Windows and Microsquish threaten Mac users with the same rhetorics ?

  166. So any word yet on whether the Vostro A90 is as compatible across the board as the Inspiron Mini 9?

  167. HEY!
    hp mini 1000/compaq mini 700 works perfectly on osx 10.5.7 ….also sound and wifi and eth!! only problem is the mic input and battery manegment (getting solved by placing old 10.5.5 kext)
    4 info write @ me:

  168. You may want to change the Dell Mini 9 to “Dell Mini 9/Vostro A90” since both computers are practically the same and the Mini 9 has been discontinued.

  169. Has anyone tried mac osx on the new gateway LT3103.
    Wondering if its compatible or not.

  170. I like the MSI Wind U120 due to the broadband inclusion and a cheap price but it looks so.. outdated. It’s not as sleek as Toshiba NB200 though it is a tad pricier. The Seashell isn’t a visually appealing too.

    Any updates on the Toshiba NB200? It would really help on my decision!

  171. Dell Vostro A90 (aka Darth Vostro) is fine for installation using the DellEFI method outlined at mydellmini. Just did one for a friend. I am working on a Lenovo S10e and one word of warning would be to get the Non-bluetooth model, the regular S10. The screen resolution is poorer and the bluetooth causes problems.

  172. I agree that the Toshiba NB200 is pretty badass. Good battery life, strong performance, and my favorite netbook design.

    Only think holding me back is a fear of Hackintosh incompatibility! Any info is greatly appreciated

  173. I certainly agree that someone needs to write a guide for the toshiba nb200. It looks like its the best netbook around at the moment, its also the probably one of the most mac like in outward design.

  174. Agree that nb200 guide will be good. I am thinking of getting one to replace my old EeePC because it does looks rather good, especially with that big touchpad! 🙂

  175. I have some preliminary findings after tinkering around with the Toshiba NB200 for a day – specifically the NB205:

    Best Netbook, I used … But Hackintosh Compatibility is not so fantastic.

    I dual-booted XP Windows Home, and iatkos 7 (with the intention of using a retail version if I’d gotten any of the features working that I wanted).

    What works:
    Sound works – both internal speaker and headphones via VooDoo. All USB ports (Three on the NB200) were operational.

    Trackpad and Keyboards – Do not work out of the box, need to attach USB keyboard and mouse. This can be fixed with the VooDoo plugin as well, but is a little buggy (though completely usable), as it causes an incredibly sensitive trackpad – and the custom control panel it creates crashes frequently (I have read that this can be an issue on some notebooks/netbooks).

    What didn’t:
    Graphics – While the NB200 uses a GMA950 chipset (typically hackintosh compatible) it is a weird/new incarnation/version and lives at that dreaded 27AE address. When I finally got the correct .kexts loaded, Toshiba would re-fresh to a completely garbled screen. It works without the drivers, but you obviously suffer with resolution since you are not getting the full benefit of the graphics chipset – could achieve 800×600 max.

    Wi-Fi – Toshiba NB200 uses a 9000 series Atheros card, which has no stock Apple Driver, nor has anything been created at OSx86 that I’m aware of – so please tell me if I’m wrong.

    At this point, I stopped testing, as the Wi-Fi and graphics are crucial to me if I’m going to be able to run OSX on a netbook.

    And, I am by know means a hackintosh wizard, so if anyone has info on workarounds for the preceding that I haven’t stumbled upon, please feel free to jump in.

    That being said -I will not be returning this netbook. I literally got about 8 hours doing a variety of different processor intensive tasks – and experienced no choppiness or slow downs while running video on, hulu and youtube.You definitely see a tangible benefit to this new Intel Atom which is speedier than the older Atom used in some previous netbooks.

    I currently wiped my Mac partition and am running Ubuntu 9.04 with XP (Though even Ubuntu doesn’t have sound support for this model, and it’s necesssary to download some legacy drivers to get the wi-fi working).

    Also, Toshiba/Microsoft did a great job of optimizing XP home on this comp. It loads very quickly – even faster than ubuntu, which I haven’t found on any of my other machines.

    All in all – this is a fantastic netbook – it would just be so great if it was a bit more OSX compatible (just give me graphics and WiFi

  176. Nevermind, I recently installed windows 7 on the nb200 which is a more than capable alternative and runs really smoothly even with just the 1gb of ram that comes preinstalled.

  177. I got OSX Leopard up and running on the new Toshiba NB205. Here is a list of features that are currently working:

    sound (both jack and external speaker)
    multi-touch trac pad
    native resolution 1024×600
    Time Machine
    Core Image is hardware accelerated (need for iLife 09)
    Quartz Extreme is supported (need for iLife 09)
    all three USB ports

    Built in WiFi/Bluetooth doesn’t work. To bypass this, I purchased a compatible Linksys USB WiFi device and voila I have wifi no problem. I also got a Rocketfish bluetooth dongle. I am able to pair my iPhone and can utilize the tethering feature. So far it’s been a fantastic netbook. Long battery life, easy to type on and a very efficient OS running on it. Photoshop CS3 works well also. Couldn’t be more happier with it.

  178. any word on successful hackintosh of the eee 1005HA??? the screen, keyboard and battery make this seem like the perfect hackintosh machine. any help or pointers would sure be appreciated.

  179. Snow Leopard build 10a380 has correct kext for original asus 1000he atheros wifi card, no need to change

  180. I bought an s10-2. Running with retail 10.5.6 updated to 10.5.7 using Dell EFI 1.25a. summary:

    Wifi – works out the box
    Eth – works with dellefi
    Sound – voodoohda fix
    BT – no built in module to test
    Vid-Out – didn’t work.
    Trackpad – works
    card Reader – work out the box
    Audio i/o – heaset work, haven’t tested recording.
    sleep – does not work
    WWan – no wan to test with

  181. @ROB .. if you happen to read this comment.. DO UPDATE THE CHART .. been trying to get this info implemented for AGES (4 previous comments)

    The EEE PC 901:
    WiFi: WORKS … with driver from ra-link!
    Eth: WORKS
    Sound: WORKS
    Vid-Out: WORKS
    Trackpad: WORKS .. With 2 finger scroll!!
    Card Reader: WORKS
    Audio i/o: Out WORKS. Havnt tried In..
    Sleep: WORKS .. have to press brightness key when resuming.

    My setup is installed via method on from Retail DVD..

  182. Does the Dell mini 10v have a functioning headphone jack, the pictures suggest it’s there. Maybe the check is just missing?

  183. I’m sorry, this chart makes no sense. The Vaio P has GMA 500 graphics, but you can install OSX on it; the Dell Mini 10 and 12 however are marked GMA 500 as the reason OSX won’t work on it?!

  184. Why is the Amiga even listed??

    It’s a PPC machine for one, and for two, it’s no fricken netbook!

  185. Thanks for this fantastic guide. This contains in one chart all the information that fence-sitters like me want to know:

    – Which netbooks
    – What works, what doesn’t
    – How to get it to work

    Truly amazing.

    Personally, I’ll continue to sit on the fence, probably until the day that there is a one click install. Otherwise the work involved in making it work will, for me, very quickly approach the price difference to a MacBook Air. The Air is a cheaper solution. Unless you want to hack for the fun of it of course.

  186. Hey –

    Grabbing a bootleg version of OS X is verboten. Period.

    Go out and buy a legit copy; it’s just the right thing to do.

  187. I have an Acer Aspire D150-1920. I recently purchased it from and have been pleasantly surprised with it’s capabilities as a mini-hackintosh. I followed bits and pieces of information from several guides and have compiled my experience in a short forum post:

    What works: audio, ethernet, wifi, bluetooth, video out, trackpad, SD card slot, video acceleration, etc.

    What does not work: Sleep mode and microphone, also when I use headphones I get an odd tin-can-speaker effect, external speakers are fine, audio works great otherwise.

    Hardware mods: I added a Dell 1490 Wifi card, Targus USB Bluetooth “nub” and I bumped the ram to 2GB.

    Boot up time: 1min05sec from pressing power button
    Shut down time: 8sec.

    My goal for this netbook is to have an intel based small & inexpensive mac to sync my iPhone with. I also wanted to be able to do other minor tasks like iphoto, web, email, etc. For this purpose it is perfect and is working very well. I’d say it makes a 95% complete mini-macbook. If I got sleep working I’d call it 100% but since the bootup/shutdown times are fairly quick I can live without sleep mode for now.

  188. @ROB awesome.. saw the changes..
    The cardreader on the eeepc 901 works with sd/sdhc cards without any extra work.. (my eee901 is the XP version..) and i have no problems with it at all.. even webcam works 😀

    thanks for updating tho ! 😀

  189. In case anybody cares the Asus eee 1005HA is a great Hack…. The install is very similar to the 1000HE with a few mods to get it to work.

    Wifi and Lan did not work for me. Video cam is similarly poor.

    Incredible battery life, I found the 1000HE battery life mediocre but the 1005HA battery life is awesome.

    Somebody can update the chart if they like?


  190. Toshiba NB205

    Video Works
    Dual Monitors Works
    WebCam works, but not in Photo Booth (ok in iChat and Webclient of Gmail)
    Ethernet Works
    Audio Works, headphone automatic sensing does not. To switch between the built-in speakers & headphones, use the Settings in OSX to select the output device.
    Microphone works.
    TimeMachine Works.
    Touchpad Works.
    Sleep works. (As long as you made the BIOS settings changes for Legacy USB and Sleep & Charge)
    All USB Ports work.
    SD Card reader works.
    Battery meter works.

    Wifi does not work because the NB205’s Atheros AR9285 chip is not yet compatible with OSX.
    Bluetooth does not work.

  191. Doesn’t the Sony Vaio P have an Intel GMA 500 chipset? How can Mac OS X be installed on the Vaio P, when it can’t be put on the Dell Mini 10 and 12?

  192. @Randyman, some of these installs can be accomplished with retail disks.

    Also, GMA 500 now has drivers, so those entries I expect will be updated soon.

  193. The Eee 901 is every bit as compatible as the 1000H – sleep and audio work just as well and use the same kexts. Really, there’s no reason to list them separately.

  194. It should also be noted that the Eee 901 card reader has always worked 100%. Green checks across the board, folks.

  195. With the exception of the webcam and internal wifi, the Acer Aspire One D250 works pretty well. I’ve got sound, my USB ports work, my mic works, and I just use a USB wireless card. I also have Quartz and OpenGL support, so I can play small videos (480i, 720p play okay- 1080p stutters).

    With hyperthreading enabled w/ the VooDoo kernel and 2GB of RAM, it runs pretty quickly 🙂

  196. John Lebaron, I sure could use your help. I’m expecting my 1005HA in two days and trying to prepare to be totally engrossed. I’d love to make
    this machine dual boot but not sure what I need to do. Since I’m not a developer, just an amateur techie I kind of need step by step help. Like I don’t have any idea what kexts are or even how to download ideneb. Can I network this asus and transfer or load from my ibook? sorry if these are lame questions I warned you!

  197. @NEIL OS X might run on that box, you’d need to check the sound and network chipsets. Easiest way to find out is by doing some research via google: [computer_model]

    I didn’t find anything searching on that model.

    The eMachines EL1600-1 would not be anywhere near the speed of a new Mac Mini, since the EL1600 is a single-core Atom (vs Intel Core Duo, which is dual core) and the EL1600 has GMA 950 graphics, vs the Mini’s nVidia 9400M graphics.

    If you want to go on the cheap and are willing to build it yourself, look at the Zotac Ion D-E motherboard.

  198. I Owned a Mini 10v and installed OS X sucessfully, everything works but I don’t like the trackpad it is jittery compared to my mini 9.

  199. Please tell me you are going to test the new iiView A2? I would love to know how the compatibility is with it.

  200. Asus EeePC 900A (with BIOS 0306) works fine, only thing that doesn’t work is the Wifi… unless you swap the Wifi card out for a Dell one, then it’ll work 100%.

  201. I have been exclusively a Mac user since my first computer in 1985, and would really prefer to have OSX on the netbook I plan to purchase soon. I have not waded through all the posts here, but I don’t see either the ASUS 900HA or ASUS 1005HA in the chart,, which are the two units I am considering for purchase, the more compact 900HA being my first choice. Can you please comment on how well the OSX install can be done with these? Tika

  202. If the ASUS 1005HA is like the ASUS 1000H, the chart says the WWAN won’t wrk. This newbie wants to know, what is WWAN? and how important is it??


  203. If I don’t want to perform the OSX install in an ASUS myself, is there someone in the Southern California Area who could? (I don’t expect it for free.)

    Can I possibly have a dual operating system put in a ASUS 1005HA with a 160gb hard drive – both OSX and WIndows XP? That would be awesome.


  204. NB200/NB205 update: Both ethernet & bluetooth work

    …just waiting on wifi, another option is to swap out the Atheros AR9285 chip for a Dell 1510 which does 802.11a/g/n

  205. Hello,
    Is the new HP NetBook Compaq Mini 110-1010ez same as HP Mini 1000 if i want to install MAC OS on it?


  206. it simply means that Macs are selling better than ever before, but the overall computer market (which is predominantly windows based services like web hosting services) is still growing at a faster rate – which it is. It’s not funny, its comparing two different things and Beastage not really thinking about what it means.

    PCs continue to drop in average price, pushing more and more computers into people’s homes, and more 2nd, 3rd purchases for the same household. It means the overall market is getting larger, and doesn’t imply that people are installing Windows over Mac OS X, by doing internet marketing which is preposterous as Kaiser said. Besides, it’s easier to install Windows via Leopard’s Boot Camp utility than using Window’s own installers

  207. How can you tell the difference between a Dell 10 and a Dell 10v. Using linux, I see the ebay Dell I just bought uses a 945 GME and has an N270 processor so I think it’s a 10v, as advertised. The sticker, however, says 10. I been running into problems making it into a hackintosh and was wondering if I’m just working with incompatible hardware…

  208. Is HP Mini 110 – 1130CA compatible with mac os x…just like the HP Mini 1000?

    If so can we add it to the chart above?

  209. Lenovo S10 – please add green check to WWAN. All besides ETH works for me on 10.5.7. For quick tutorial, read on:

    kernel: qoopz voodoo-like 10.5.7
    WWAN: dell script as mentioned elsewhere,
    Video: both builtin and v-out with 272e-patched GMA drivers,
    Audio: output+mic+automatic headphone sensing with voodooHDA, don’t forget to check mixer settings in Preferences. No need for Azalia/Audiee,
    Builtin bluetooth: out of box,
    Sleep to RAM: had to bake my own DSDT to disable waking by the BT module, available at , put to /DSDT.aml and use Chameleon 1.0.12 or newer – disables wake by USB devices,
    Webcam (out of box),
    Card reader (out of box),
    Speedstep (VoodooPower kext),
    Usb2.0 (VoodooEHCI)

  210. hi i Would like to answer some questions:
    do the USB ports work properly in every netbook listed?(i found another chart claiming that it didn’t work on certain netb…)
    is it possible to have os x on samsung nc20 (via nano powered)?
    i’m also looking forward to the next samsung n510…
    Thank you in advance for your answers..

  211. The Dell Mini 10 HAS the GMA 950. I need some help to see if I can get it working. I imaged a drive with 10.5.8, but need the steps to get it to read the os.

  212. Actually the Dell Mini 10v has the GMA950. The Mini 10 has the GMA500. has a number of guides for the install from a retail 10.5 disk.

  213. I’m trying to get a hp mini 1000, but i cant find it anywhere, at least locally. I’m confused with all the models hp has for different resellers.

    would a hp 110-1037nr work on this Hackintosh? it has almost the same specifications as a mini 1000.

  214. Hi!

    Many are asking about Dell Mini 10v.

    Yes, everything it’s working. I bought one with 1GB RAM/160GB HD/Non-BT.

    I installed using just a 8GB’s pendrive with DellEFI 1.1 (1.2 was not working fine for me), burn Mac OS X Retail DVD to a pendrive take almost 3hs with a Macbook Pro.

    For BT, I just plug one from Belkin (I think is one the cheapest) and was recognized well, the only think there’s not option for turn-off, then just unplug it.

    – Webcam work.
    – Sleep work.
    – External BT work (I’m going to install the internal card)
    – Audio In/Out (External & Internal) work.
    – Internal SD Card readear work.
    – Wireless net work.

    – Two keys in the keyboard are mixed but nothing important.
    – The audio is jumping when wake-up after Sleep.

    Good idea is to install Silk for scale-down typos & Finder’s menubar.

    Another good idea is …don’t try to update OS X using “Software Update”.

    Enjoy it!

  215. Samsung N110

    WiFi need to change card
    Bluethooth works, but can’t turn off
    Touch pad works
    Sound output only no input
    Eth only after 10.5.7 upgrade
    Video out yes
    Sleep Yes

    all using DellEFi 1.2a5 and lepoard 10.5.6 retail dvd

  216. Will the installation process of osx86 work with the hp mini 1100 series?…i dont know if its a series but the part numbers on all of them say 110….just to be sure.

  217. Is there a compatibility chart for wannabe Home Server?

    Try to build one with a Mac mini and ONNTO dataTale, but it gets too expensive.

    A Windows Home Server like the Acer EasyStore H340 or Lenovo IdeaCenter D400 with Mac OS X would be perfect!

  218. Have you got any information about comatibility or relese for Fujitsu Siemens Amili Mini Ui3520?

  219. Have you got any information about comatibility or relese for Fujitsu Siemens Amili Mini Ui3520?

  220. Please update the chart with Dell Mini 10v as 100% working! Even the mic is working with Retail Mac OS X install!

  221. Anyone tested a Hercules EC-900? I consider to buy one and i am interested to install iDeneb 🙂


  222. Is anyone working on hackintosh-ing the Sony Vaio W series netbooks? Considering this vs the HP Mini 5101, but I still looking for more results on both before I make a decision.

  223. Hi’ is it possible to Udate the Netbokk Compatbility Charts!! that would be very nice.

    Thanks in advance.

  224. Looks like Dell pulled the mini 9 today from their offering line.. Refurbs only from here on out? Will these gain in value since they’re no longer offered and apparently the prize netbook system to have for hackintoshing?

  225. I just purchased a Vaio W series laptop. Has all the nice fixings of the toshiba plus HD 720P resolution. I also had the toshiba nb200 earlier this month but it was very plasticky so i opted to spend a bit more for the nice sturdy build of the sony. Ive upgraded the netbook to 2GB and was wondering if anyone had fiddled with turning the Vaio W Netbook into a hackintosh. thanx

  226. erm…….has anyone been able to get the Atheros wifi working on the Wind U120H?

    the cirle shows orange meaning its possible but my google results tell me its anything but 🙁

  227. Hi’ is it possible to Udate the Netbokk Compatbility Charts!! that would be very nice.

    Thanks in advance.

  228. The toshiba nb200’s internal bluetooth and ethernet are both functional now, and its a simple matter of swapping the wifi card (four screws) to a intel 1510 ($20 dollars on ebay!) and it works natively! With an led backlit screen and a 9 hour battery life an excellent FULL FUNCTIONAL netbook 🙂

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  230. I guess its not even worth me trying a Packard Bell Desktop?

    1GB RAM
    60GB HD

    Not sure of processor etc as I havent turned it on (Using Dell Inspiron Laptop).

    I dont really want to go down the road of testing it on my dell as its brand new.

  231. You need another column for HIBERNATE, this is not the same as SLEEP and IMHO, more important. Who cares about sleep — it is just a waste of battery, and if you forget to ‘unsleep’, well then your battery will drain.

  232. hallo, who can help? i#ve got 2 notebooks and i want to install the osx, i have original dvds. it s a samsung x10 plus and an asus m2400n, who can tell me, if it works, and how to do that.

    lot of thanks

  233. So does audio on the Dell Mini 10v have audio? I’ve been thinking about getting a netbook and that seems like the best option. Unless it has no speakers at all, which oulod really suck.

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  235. The HP TX2513CL Dual Core 12.1 inch Tablet PC can be seen as the intermediary between a regular sized notebook and a small sized netbook. The price, $649.99.
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  237. Has anybody looked into using the MIRUS netbook (either the one that looks like a MSI Wind U100 – JWHX or JBKX, or the touchscreen one – CT9XP) for a netbook based Mac clone ? Especially the touchscreen one would be cool … website for Mirus is

  238. Green doesn’t mean it’s easy to set up, or that you won’t need third-party software. It just means you can get it working. How-to guides for each netbook are linked to from the chart. .thanks for sharing your views..
    Free online games.

  239. Don’t bother trying to buy one of these. They just went on sale on the web site and after spending three hours on the web and talking with their sales support staff, it turns out you can’t buy one of these in the US unless you’re a business.

    But that’s NOWHERE on the web site.

    Instead, I had to go through a 15 minute hard sell on the inspiron 10v.

    I’ve never seen a clearer case of bait-and-switch. Hmm… so what what the phone number for the California Attorney General again?

  240. Wow what an surprising news !!!
    On observing the compatibility chart for Mac OS X Netbook, i found that it support WiFi, Ethernet, Sound, BT, Tarcpad, Card Reader WWAN and a number of functions, that was really an good news for users. Undoubtedly it is an good choice to work with flop

  241. As the other good thing about the install is it places thing son the EFI partition. What this means is all the users of the method just upgraded to 10.5.6 and it “just worked”, with iDened, iAtkos, Kalyway this is not the case.
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  242. I just tried to install Mac ideneb 10.5.5 on Asus 1000HE and after instalation it doesn’t boot, stays on apple logo screen. I don’t what else to do after 3 trails.

  243. Just set up Mac OS X on my Compaq (HP) Mini 110c. Works like a charm! Everything is fine, except possibly ethernet (haven’t really tried it yet, nor did anything specific to try and make it work). Wireless works, sound works, screen is pretty (had to make my own color profile though). Wasn’t all that difficult either, just takes a day of hacking!

  244. Two days ago I following the instructions from this link to install Snow Leopard on my NC10. It worked pretty much perfectly right after the installation. The only thing stopped working is the wireless LAN card. All other things that from various places saying not working are all working fine.

  245. Just got my Dell 1490 in the mail I ordered from eBay. Plugged it in and instant wireless working on my NC10. It is now completely running on Mac OS X 10.6 as far as I know. Thanks for all the great works out there.

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