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  1. Judging by his feet, I suspect he’s actually the grandfather of the YA RLY responding owl. The exchange used to go like this:
    “Oh, is that so?”

  2. My grandfather used to be a typist for the army and he did a ton of these back in the 40s. His masterpiece which hangs in the dining room is a full-color reproduction of “The Last Supper.” It’s pretty amazing.

  3. I used to do these as part of typing class on a typewriter (not ancient long ago, just early 1990s at a rural jr. high). so, um, yeah, there used to be big books of instructions that read like knitting instructions, like, “41 spaces, 12 L’s, enter, 27 spaces, 6 Qs, 1 i, enter” and so on.

  4. @6: me too! I used to love creating them, and some of the smaller ones I actually memorized. Yes MEMORIZED.

    Once a dork, always a dork. I wish I remembered them now, tho u_u

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