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Today on Offworld, as Nintendo released its 100+ game list of DS and Wii titles expected through Spring of next year, we whittled it down to the essential 11 Offworld-ian titles to be excited for.

We also discovered that area/code's Chain Factor (one of our top web games of 2007) had been ported to the iPhone as snap7, listened to Merry Pixmas, a fantastic new chiptune Xmas album, and read Jim Rossignol's latest Ragdoll Metaphysics column on the Ten Things That Made Him Glad To Be A Gamer In 2008.

Elsewhere, we saw that Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill were also coming to the iPhone, heard another good holiday song with The Doyouinverts' Gears of War parody 'A Happy New Gear', saw a slightly slurred Burt Reynolds in the movies, flipped wistfully through the 1983 Sears Wishbook again, saw Spore's DRM debacle coming to half a close, at least, and heard reports that certain job recruiters have been told not to hire World of Warcraft players.

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