The Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical Watch


This watch is absolutely stunning, an engineering masterpiece... 1,352 components working together in masterful horological precision, driven by a 450 link chain and nickel silver drums. If you can afford the $275,000 to afford the base model, you can probably afford the $400,00 to get it slathered in platinum and diamonds.

Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical Watch [Cabestan via BoJ]

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  1. Why does nobody make anything like this in the sub $1,000 range? It’s maddening that everyone of these cabestan watches is $100,000+.

  2. “water resistant to 30m” — hell yeah, this is /the/
    watch to use when you’re surfing or white-water

  3. You’d have to have a crystal, else the thing would jam on your cuffs! Reading the technical details carefully, there are two crystals, one for each winch. You can just make out the telltale reflections of the crystal on the left.

  4. If you can afford the $275,000 to afford the base model, you can probably afford the $400,00 to get it slathered in platinum and diamonds.

    Damn that is a lot … of “afford”!

  5. What’s wrong with you people? This thing looks illegible and fragile, and the cost is of course ludicrous. Kitsch is kitsch, even if it has lots of gears hanging out and was very very hard to make.

  6. It looks legible to me, Grunt. It says 10:05:45. I see your point about it not really being a quick-glance watch, but at this level it’s really more of an art piece than a utilitarian accessory.

    It’s gorgeous, though I wouldn’t buy one even if I had the disposable income. I would never wear it and wouldn’t want to be responsible for maintaining it. But it is undeniably beautiful.

  7. I want.

    But I cannot think of a single social situation where I wouldn’t feel like a god damn fool walking around with that on my wrist. I’d be forced just recoup my outlay to be the horological whore for the next decade.

    “Does anyone want the time? I got it right here. Are you sure? I can give it you any time”

  8. There are 2 crystals protecting the gears, they are high-grade sapphire so you can’t really see them.

    And if you’re wondering about the chain, it’s a fusee, and it is the ultimate way to distribute power evenly from the barrel to the watch. Modern watches don’t really need them, with the even metallic properties of today’s springs, but they do add an extra level of precision to power distribution. Usually only used in marine chronometers, before GPS existed.

    That said, pretty, but yes, horological whoring.

  9. Frankly, I think the little winch in the back that tightens up the strap to be the coolest feature! All the guts buzzwhirrenundclickclicken in the front are just plain nasty, imho.

    Looking at the perpendicular gears, I would imagine this gizmo would last right up until you smacked it into a door or somesuch.

    ….which brings up another question; what are the warranty terms?

    sigh. I’m not really concerned. I haven’t worn a watch in the last several years. I wear my $35 cellphone in my pocket …which is keyed to the REAL time. Not something derived from gears.

  10. I don’t care how delicate that thing is. I would gladly pay 400 grand for a watch it will go so nicely with my brand new Ferrari that I am currently driving around in below zero conditions.

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