Behold Sony's not-a-netbook


Spotted at Sony's Japanese Vaio site is this device, which resembles the computer partially revealed by the FCC. It's a pretty but indistinct image that feeds its promise to "change the way you look at laptops" next month: no screen, keyboard or other features are even clear. There's just a hint of a crease, which morphs into an envelope's flaps in the teaser ad.

What do we know of Sony's new machine? According to the FCC filing, its 9 inches long, runs Windows and has high-end connectivity options. It could be a "mobile internet device" such as Intel originally imagined its Atom processors would power; a modern iteration of its much-loved Picturebook series of subnotebooks; or yet another high-end Sony ultra-portable, in the tradition of its T- and U-series.

What's for certain is that it won't be a clamshell netbook with a 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 92% size keyboard and Windows XP ULCPC edition: One Sony exec's already asserted it won't make a netbook like the ones that are currently out.

Sony Japan [Electronista]

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