Sony Picturebook returns in high-def

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Details of Sony's not-a-netbook went live today, apparently by accident.

It's price is $NaN.00, which means the price isn't in the database yet ("Not a Number"), but it has a 1.33GHz Intel processor, Windows Vista, a 1600x768 ultra-widescreen 8-inch display, and a 60GB hard drive or 128GB SSD.

In the unfinished ad, it weighs "x.xx" pounds and has an "x-hour" battery. The picture is apparently a placeholder: it looks exactly like a Vaio TT, which doesn't match the teaser ad or the FCC images.

Assuming it has a clamshell form-factor, Sony's returned to the netbook's own roots, producing an old-fashioned subnotebook with the benefit of new technology. The original Picturebooks suffered from poor performance and battery life, due to Transmeta's disappointing chipsets: Intel's Atom represents the successful execution of that (part) of Transmeta's late-1990s plans. The clock speed's usual for an Atom machine, though: the Core Solos in the UX ran at 1.33 GHz.

Let's see that price.

Sonystyle store [Sony]

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