Why iPhones are not transparent


From Gizmodo.

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6 Responses to Why iPhones are not transparent

  1. pewma says:

    I dunno, I think it looks pretty cool. I’d go for a clear back if I had an iPhone 3G. But it’s just that plastic back that keeps me from upgrading from my sturdy metal backed 1st gen. iPhone.

  2. MomTheBlog says:

    ha that is K@@L looking in deed. I still need to buy me (since I didn’t get one for xmas) an iPhone.

  3. zuzu says:

    I have one of those iVue crystal clear cases for my old 4G iPod and I love the look. (I had to open it up to replace/upgrade the hard drive and battery anyway.) I also get plenty of compliments on it, and it’s rare enough that someone couldn’t casually steal it and claim it as their own.

    If I had an iPhone I’d probably want this, minus that silkscreened image on it.

  4. Patrick Austin says:

    @#1: That’s right, because everything made of plastic is fragile. Do you have experience with anything other than bakelite? 🙂

  5. pewma says:

    @4: Well yes, there’s plenty of sturdy plastics but for my bet I still trust metal over plastic for that inevitable fall from shoulder height to the sidewalk.

  6. Tensegrity says:

    @#5: good thing you don’t design helmets

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