Screw the Nano. Where's my iPhone Pro?


Everyone assumes that if Apple makes another iPhone, it'll be a "Nano" model the size of a playing card (and not much thicker.) Jesus Diaz, however, hankers for the iPhone Pro, a device that's bigger and badder than the original.

It's mostly an embodiment of last year's "top 10 iphone flaws" lists. Some of the iPhone Pro's features, like MMS, would work fine on a current iPhone, if only Apple wanted you to have them. But other things are beautiful dreams: its game-friendly D-pad, for example, and a proper keyboard.

Perhaps it's proof that software is everything, these days: I keep looking at it and thinking that Nokia already makes it.

The design is by Mat Brady, refined by Diaz. Check out the full spread at Giz.

The Dream iPhone Pro [Gizmodo]

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3 Responses to Screw the Nano. Where's my iPhone Pro?

  1. ff11 says:

    According to the link, Nokia doesn’t already make that phone, they plan on making it in 6 months. A lot can change in six months.

  2. The Lizardman says:

    You’re right, the software is eveything. That mockup looks like a fantastic form factor, but if it ran Apple’s software I still wouldn’t buy it.

  3. joflow says:

    I’ve seen these phones! They’re running something called “Windows Mobile” and they’ve been around for like…forever. D-pads, keyboards, and whatever applications people are able to dream up for it. You should look into it!

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