Say goodbye to tedious marshmallow roasting with the Spinmallow


The Spinmallow is a twenty-nine-inch rotating skewer, easily detached from its faux wood handle for easy cleaning. It spins at a "perfect" 92RPM, making for a precision-toasted marshmallow, according to its creators.

I know it's early, but I think we can pretty much call this for gadget of the century. Sorry, iPhone Insufflate 9G!

Spinmallow is also rated for regulation-sized hot dogs. It is $10 whole dollars, or the price of a cord of wood and a handful of green twigs.

Spinmallow catalog page []

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  1. I am hearing Billy Mays shouting at me about this now… over footage of frustrated people fumblingly trying and failing to toast marshmallows the “old” way.

  2. In a moment of inspiration 10 years ago, I made a very similar device from a discarded D-cell-powered retail signage spinner. It turns at about 10rpm, which is about perfect.

    I guess I should have patented it….

  3. If ever a product cried out to have an ordinal appended to its name, this is it.

    Doesn’t Spinmallow 3000 just sounds so much better?

  4. Takuan @3, “$10 a cord? Where do you live?”

    Maybe Joel thinks that a cord of wood is the bundle of three foot-long inch-and-a-half-wide birch branches tied by a red ribbon. He must have seen ’em at a half-off Boxing Day sale in Greenwich Village.

    [Yes, I did see that with mine own eyes (and I have witnesses): $20 for three pieces of wood (lovingly and tastefully hand-tied with a piece of red ribbon, mind you) in a shop there. Kinda screams “Idiot with too much money”, don’t you agree?]

    (Burns two cords every winter…)

    (Um, mostly maple and some birch, seasoned, split and delivered: $250/cord.)

    (For the Montrealers who insist on mixing up the names of units of measure: that’d be $83 per FACE cord.)

  5. I look forward to twisting the tines on the end and honing them to a razor-keen edge before using this thing to hack divots of long pork out of its promulgators.

    Kidding, just kidding! The Skeletool should work just fine for that.

  6. There is something terribly, delightfully, wrong about the wood-grain plastic (to say nothing of it’s phallic shape). This is precisely the type of artifact that advanced sublimed cultures will uncover and judge us by when we’re gone…

  7. over footage of frustrated people fumblingly trying and failing to toast marshmallows the “old” way.

    Those folks are called Fumblefingersâ„¢. It’s a living, I guess.

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