CES Video: Asus Netbookstravaganza, with Bamboo, Gold Lamé, and Lamborghini.

Full Disclosure: Boing Boing's video production at CES is sponsored by WEPC.com, and they're also the subject of this episode. We were not paid to produce a piece about them, nor were we required to cover their presence at CES as part of the sponsorship. They had no editorial control or involvement in the content we produced, including this episode. Netbooks were sort of a hot topic at CES 09, and since Asus was something of a pioneer in this product sector, with interesting products out this year, we chose to cover this project's presence.

Xeni from the motherboing here with a new Boing Boing Gadgets CES video installment! Beschizza and I visited the Asus booth to check out some of the netbooks and other devices they're developing. Rob got some hands-on time with some of the more visually interesting models, including one netbook covered in bamboo, and others covered in very Vegas-appropriate gold lamé or Lamborghini co-branding. (Ay, que Elvis, hombre!) We also spoke with one of the senior designers with Asus from Taiwan about the Intel co-partnered WEPC project, in which they're soliciting feature requests from the public, then sorting through those crowdsourced suggestions and figuring out what makes sense to implement in production.

Flash embed above, downloadable MP4 here.

(Special thanks to Q-Burns Abstract Message for the background tracks in our CES episodes!)

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