Gallery of abandoned exotic cars


Abandoned exotic cars — left to rot in dank alleys, to fade in the hot sun, to be stripped for parts in war zones — are featured in this heartbreakingly forlorn gallery. The images are all SFW, but some of the participants' avatars are not.

Abandoned exotics. What have you discovered? [] (Thanks, Honad!)

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  1. Wow, who would pick that as an avatar? The mental picture I’m getting of the person is pretty amusing. (And sad.)

    Sad like the Lamborghini sitting neglected in what looks like a hay shed.

  2. I’d love to take that Benz, stop the rust, matte clearcoat the remaining paintjob, and fix/replace the internals.

  3. That avatar says, loud and clear, “I blog in my underwear, and unlike my avatar, it’s not a pretty sight at all.”

  4. My favorite is the one pictured in you 4 car combo above where they parked it in some carport and then left it so long the car port deteriorated and then so did the car.

    where is the love.

    They NSFW avatar is hilarious.

  5. At my old business, one of my neighbors had a yellow Maserati permanently enshrined inside of a chain-link enclosure (inside of another chain-link encosure). I never saw it move in five years, while it faded in the sun under a thick coat of dust.

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