The Atari 400 goes analog synth


A fantastic analog synthesizer stuffed in the body of an old Atari 400 console. Technabob explains how it works:

The Atari Synth is a polyphonic 12-oscillator, 3 modulator square wave synthesizer that’s controlled by arcade-style pushbuttons and potentiometers. Just press any of the 12 arcade buttons to activate the corresponding oscillator, the use the knobs to dial in the sound you’re looking for.

fridgebuzz atari 400 synth [technabob]

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4 Responses to The Atari 400 goes analog synth

  1. therevengor says:

    “This wild looking analog synthesizer gets its body from a classic Atari 400 computer – but none of its brains.”

    Yuck. What a waste.

  2. Downpressor says:


  3. Billy Colbeck says:

    there is something perverse about gutting an 80’s era computer to house 70’s era technology…I did this once, with a Commodore 64:
    although i didn’t feel too bad about it, as I used the C64’s SID chip for a different project. The synth I built into the case was a Ray Wilson Soundlab.

  4. blackhound says:

    I was going to mention the SID chip, and the Elektron SID Station, but don’t you know it, #3 beat me to it.

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