USB-powered breast warmers for the nippy office


Ladies, a question: For years I have offered my services as a breast warmer out of what I must now admit was a desire not for the comfort of your more prominent glands, but instead an attempt to put my mittens on your kittens. But unlike my campaign to make sure your bosom is extraordinarily clean by barging into your shower with gallons of frothy soap — motivated purely by Christian hygienic charity — I was not entirely positive that your mams got, you know, chilly.

Do they?

That Thanko has created a USB-powered breast warming system has turned my world upside down. In fact, I'm getting a bit dizzy. If only there were some warm, soft place to lay my head.

Bust Beauty Pad product page []

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  1. Generally speaking my boobs are among the warmer parts of my body.
    In certain circles my cleavage (and that of other friends) was known as “the finger warmer.”

  2. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but sticking superfluous electronic devices all over one’s body seems like a bad idea. Then again, I’m still worried about my cell phone giving me brain cancer, whereas the rest of the world is walking around with wireless devices shoved into their earholes.

  3. The proliferation of USB warming devices comes as no surprise. One notable feature of the Tokyo office is how the women are always complaining of the cold. Even when the heat is set to 25C they huddle under blankets and wear scarves.

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