Pandora developer on building software for the Palm Pre's WebOS


Palm Info Center has a transcript of an interview with Pandora's CTO about developing for Palm's new WebOS, the Linux-based operating system that will be powering the Pre — and presumably all future Palm handsets.

The takeaway? While the presentation does appear to be primarily HTML and CSS, making development of intense graphical applications pretty much impossible, for anything that isn't trying to use 3D or fancy 2D animations, WebOS should work just fine. (To fully compete with the iPhone, though, Palm will need to provide lower-level access so developers can write applications in C, etc.)

PIC: Right, right, obviously still a few months until release... so what's Pandora's take on their approach? I mean, they're going for this whole "synergy" thing where the OS integrates with the Internet quite heavily. Some people have been saying "Oh, you know, it's just web apps", that kind of thing, but other people seem to think that this is going to be some kind of new paradigm in mobile design. So what's your take on it – what's your thoughts on that?

TC: Well, I think one of the important little nuances here to understand is that you might think from the name "webOS" and from the technologies used – HTML and CSS and Javascript – you might think that this is the whole thing, just kind of a fancy web browser, and that you're – y'know, any interaction you take is interacting with web content. That's really not how it works at all. What you really have, is that you have an environment where a developer can write a traditional application – so, an application that gets installed onto the phone with all its code and all of its user interface elements and that is actually local to the phone. There's also a database and file storage that allows you to take data from the internet connection and store it locally – so when you're browsing your contacts, for example, you're interacting with an application that's local to the phone, with interface elements that are local to the phone and with contacts that are actually sitting on the phone.

Interview with Pandora About Developing for WebOS []

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