Scrabble tile keyboard


During the waning moments of the worst parties, someone always pulls out Scrabble (a game I hate) and tries to win me over from my face-curdled loathing by insisting I must be good at it, since I'm a writer. My response to this assertion is always just to stare, gobstruck, until silence sinks in the fact writing is not about randomly shaking up a tray of letters in one's heads and plucking words from the alphabetical mnemonic slurry... if it was, my posts would make more sense.

That all said, I like this Scrabble tile keyboard... there is something a bit nifty about knowing exactly how many triple word scores I'm racking up if I somehow glom onto 'Quetzalcoat' as my word of the day.

Scrabble Keyboard [Datamancer via Hack A Day]

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  1. I’m trying to decide whether it’s incredibly humorous that you misspelled “Quetzlcoatl” or not.

    In the meantime I’ve decided that I want a Quetzl coat.

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