Rich meets stupid: ElectroLux Swarovski Vacuum Cleaner


Electrolux has just announced a vacuum cleaner "designed" by the implausibly named Lukasz Mistletoe: its main feature is the ability to instantly Hoover up any of the 3,730 pieces of Swarovski crushed glass that will fall off the side when the glue starts to degrade.

ErgoRapido Vacuum Cleaner Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals [Born Rich]

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8 Responses to Rich meets stupid: ElectroLux Swarovski Vacuum Cleaner

  1. guy_jin says:

    Not to mention Electrolux is the worst vacuum cleaner maker in the world.

    they’ve studded a turd with diamonds.

  2. RedShirt77 says:

    I would love to see the venn diagram of the people who can afford luxury vacuum cleaners and their overlap with people that do their own vacuuming.

  3. Scuba SM says:

    Whoever thinks coating a product with Swarovski crystals makes it “high end” or “classy” should be coated with said crystals, and then force-fed a mixture of the crystals and glue.

    Then again, they do make an eye-catching indicator of people I should avoid.

  4. therevengor says:

    Sadly, the designer is Łukasza Jemioła. His last name was a victim of the autotranslator.

  5. Alys says:

    @#2 I was thinking the same thing. If you could afford this ugly bit of bling, surely you’d have a regular housekeeper?

  6. Downpressor says:

    they’ve studded a turd with diamonds.

    Does this not apply to any product with Swarovski on it?

  7. Takuan says:

    soons as ah wins thet lottree, ah’s gwine stud me a turd with dia-a-monds. Seriously. I’ll imbed thousands of blood diamonds in a huge human turd and sell it for more than you can imagine. I love art.

  8. devophill says:

    Don’t you mean, “Electrolux up”?

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