Default password for roadside LED signs


i-Hacked offers this handy tip for the next time you find yourself rummaging in the bowels of a Addco roadside sign:

Should it will ask you for a password. Try “DOTS”, the default password.

In all likelihood, the crew will not have changed it. However if they did, never fear. Hold “Control” and “Shift” and while holding, enter “DIPY”. This will reset the sign and reset the password to “DOTS” in the process. You’re in!

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  1. Next time I see one of those, I don’t think I’ll be able to convince myself not to fuck with it.

  2. Great info but fair warning – if you change a warning sign & someone gets hurt, you are directly liable…

  3. This is ABSOLUTELY the most irresponsible post here and at DIY I’ve seen in a long time!

    In CA, Caltrans uses these signs in places where 1)speed limits above 35 OR 2)where actual speeds are shown to be above 35 where there is the likelihood that a driver that was distracted for an instant would be upon the road crew or hazard so quickly they would not be able to respond safely.

    The idea is funny – but how the hell can you be so irresponsible to post a how-to? Is your brain so compromised that you can’t forecast something like this turning into an total and absolute tragedy?


  4. I have mixed feelings about this sort of info going out on the net. On the one hand, a lot of clever messages could be potentially put up on roadside signs; but (on the other hand) at the expense of information that is relevant to helping you drive safely. It’s only after someone misses TRAFFIC PATTERN CHANGE in lieu of ZOMBIES AHEAD and dies in a car crash that people everywhere sort of wake up and go “oh yeah, that scenario could and did happen.” Call me a killjoy, but don’t call me wrong.

  5. …Didn’t we cover this a couple of years ago, where two signs were changed to “UFO CROSSING AHEAD” and “KLAATU BARATA NIKTO”?

    (Let’s see if this post works, shall we?)

  6. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but avoid changing information that could potentially harm a motorist if unknown.

  7. How many people actually read, comprehend, and act upon the information contained in a sign reading “TRAFFIC PATTERN CHANGE?”

    ZOMBIES AHEAD would probably get them to pay more attention. But if it says, for example, LEFT LANE CLOSED, then yes, it would be mighty inconvenient to have it changed…

  8. This is OUTRAGEOUS!

    I demand you immediately delete this entire website because of this disgusting lack of judgement.

    How BoingBoing, usually such a paragon of all that is good, fair, and societally normal can print something such as this that enables, nay, encourages people to cause such troubles as may cause a fender bender or, Jesus Save Us, a car Honking. That’s right. Honking in public.

    This is unheard of! Unheard of I say!

    I demand my money back! When I signed up for the Reader’s Digest Boing Boing package on AOL I never new I would be shown such disgusting non-conformity. Why, if little jimmy had read this and then acted. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO HIS FUTURE?!?! I’m sure they test for this kind of thing in the polygraph at Oral Roberts University.

    I swoon….

  9. RELAX! Anything that doesn’t sound “semi-normal” is probably a joke…for instance, “ZOMBIES AHEAD”.

  10. So if you DON’T change the sign are you directly liable when someone ends up getting killed by zombies?

  11. One of these signs was left near my house for ages. It no longer applied, and they just hadn’t got the crew out to pick it up yet. I never got around to trying to fool with it, but thanks to this post, the next time I see an APPROPRIATE opportunity like that I will know how.

    Stick to your guns Joel.

  12. Why stop at “ZOMBIES AHEAD”? Go for the full-blown manslaughter charge by changing “LEFT LANE CLOSED” to “RIGHT LANE CLOSED”.

  13. Woah woah woah. Hold the phone. How will “left lane closed” to “right lane closed” kill someone? Do people go “Oh, left lane is closed, so I will get in the right lane and gun it with no thoughts of what might happen.”

    I am pretty sure the worst that would happen is they get in the left lane, eventually coming to some orange cones and think to themselves “What?! I am outraged by the inconvenience that I just passed a bunch of people I would have passed any way because they were too nice to blow every one else off by merging at the right time”.

    Actually, a lot of people would merge left, then the jerks would floor it in the right, to find out the right lane was open any way…

  14. I was driving I84 near Milford PA in the narrow section with all of the switchbacks, driving an unfamiliar box-truck towing a coar on a dolly, at night in a heavy rain, anthe the P.A. D.O.T. had one of these every mile set to full brightness to advise me that they were hiring road maintenance workers. I’m not sure why this was an essential traffic announcement, but it shure made it hard to see anything else.

  15. Calm down, folks! For as many of these signs as I see, I’d say at least a third of them are either: no longer relevant, “Tire Sale Ahead!,” or simply turned off (the most common).

    I think most people who read BoingBoing are reasonable and intelligent enough to not fuck with something when they realize it’s there for a good reason (like helping people to not die, for instance).

  16. The fact is that there are no situations with signs like this that are life and death. For that stuff there would be cop cars and flag workers, and usually large construction equipment as well. If there were, would you feel safe putting your life in the hands of a sign? What happens when Joe Sixpack the Plumber drunkenly takes the sign out?

  17. As someone that used to work in road construction occupational health and safety, this is completely reprehensible.

    But piss funny…

  18. I’m so sad, everyone of these I’ve looked at had a steel lockbox over the keyboard.

    I guess that “padlock opening” site would pay off here.

  19. The idea is funny – but how the hell can you be so irresponsible to post a how-to?

    That’s a flawed perspective on the matter.

    It is not irresponsible to publish factual information, regardless of the nature of that information. Someone should not be expected to presume their readership is foolish, misguided, or juvenile; and be burdened to withhold information accordingly.

    Publishing this is not irresponsible. Acting upon it can be. There is a distinct difference, though. Publishing it helps draw attention to it so it can be fixed. Keeping it secret protects the vulnerability from exposure, enabling the minority of people who are in the know to continue exploiting it.

    First and foremost, remember: It is never irresponsible to publish something merely because the information has the ability to be used to cause harm. Absolutely without exceptions, it is better that people be informed than it is for them to be ignorant, yet well-behaved.

  20. In my area, most of these signs are set up by people who can’t spell or parse sentences, so ZOMBIES AHEAD would be a breath of fresh air.

  21. @Nixiebunny:

    “In my area, most of these signs are set up by people who can’t spell or parse sentences, so ZOMBIES AHEAD would be a breath of fresh air.”

    A resident of Pennsylvania, I see…

  22. Per #4, Robert Anton Wilson would have loved this.
    “Zombies Behead”
    “Disappointment Ahead”
    “Turn Back Now”
    “Cars Ahead”
    “Smell the Roses”
    “Repent Now”
    “Worship Me”
    “Big Brother Sees All”
    “I Know What You Did”
    “Knock Knock”
    “Your stove is on”
    “Got Milk?”


    Irresponsible driving. Drunken driving. Driving too fast. Talking on your cell phone while driving. Not the occasional LED sign prank you wankers! If you really care about saving lives, petition to have the national 55mph speed limit reinstated, which would actually save thousands of lives and god knows how much gas every year.

    Ah but see, you’re not really concerned about the greater good, are you? You’re concerned with sounding concerned and important, and the easiest way for you to do that is your impotent nay-saying on a forum where other people are enjoying a bit of light humor.

    Kindly sod off!

  24. this is not irresponsible at all. Yes it can be abused, you wouldn’t want to change a sign with critical info on it. But so often there’s signs on highways that aren’t being used or they’ll say something like “happy holidays.”

  25. If you really care about saving lives, petition to have the national 55mph speed limit reinstated, which would actually save thousands of lives

    [citation needed]

    Hint: highway speed limits have jack shit to do with safety.

  26. This is a very irresponsible and dangerous post.

    I used to be a civil engineer and have worked for state and local DOTs. I used to work on the side of the road at those jobs. Signs like the ones described in this post are most often used to keep road workers safe, as well as drivers and passengers on the road safe and informed. Maybe messing around with this signs will only result in a minor inconvenience for some, or the occasional chuckle for others, but there is the potential for pranks like this to result in serious injury or death. Roads are dangerous enough as is, they don’t need well-intentioned pranksters creating unnecessary hazards.

    Not only is the prank hazardous to road workers, drivers, and passengers, but performing this prank is very hazardous to the prankster themselves. The side of the road is a very dangerous place. These signs are generally located in places where there are already hazardous conditions present (such as a high volume of traffic, construction sites, weather, etc), and inserting oneself into the middle of it is a risky activity. Also, besides the risk of physical harm, there is the risk of legal trouble as well. If caught, an officer of the law will most likely have little sympathy for a prankster who is making that officer’s place of work more dangerous.

    I am a fan of BB, but I am very disappointed to see such an irresponsible and dangerous post on this site. People may die or be seriously injured as a result of posting these instructions.


    Barnaby, would you care to back your babble with facts? There is absolutely no study or collection of statistics that supports your 55 mph speed limit comment.

    While I do agree about you comments about inattentiveness, your comments on speed limits are not grounded in fact.

  28. I’m with #6/ANONYMOUS

    This is pretty borderline dangerous. I guess when I see one of those signs, I may not read it in detail, but I do become much more alert that something is up ahead. I slow down a bit, I keep my eyes open a bit more, I pay more attention.

    Modifying a sign that’s serving a legitimate warning purpose will increase the odds of someone not being warned as they should be. How much increase? Hard to say – really depends on the situation.

    Irrespective of how much danger the peanut gallery thinks this may cause, you know damn well you’d get your ass in a sling if you changed one and something happened.

  29. It’s not that BB can’t or shouldn’t post, but there’s a point where people need to simply be a bit more mature and not laugh at something funny, ignorant of bigger things.

    Makes me think of the last Seinfeld.

  30. #37

    I may not read it in detail, but I do become much more alert that something is up ahead. I slow down a bit, I keep my eyes open a bit more, I pay more attention.

    And a zombie warning won’t have the same effect?

  31. I can see legit talking points for many aspects of the original item and it’s handling. The sad facts are several. Our world seems rather clue impaired about public displays of the unexpected. Both in deciding which ones are likely to cause unfortunate reactions- and thinking of every possible consequence. The “Wearable Art” airport incident and the Boston ATHF meets BATF fiascos underscore what happens when people “Guilty of Art” meet clue deficient men with guns. It’s a not unexpected to me scenario that some “Guilty of Art” person will be typing a zombie alert and hear the hammer cocking of a cop’s gun behind them… Which could literally then result in that attempted “surrealist theater” having a fatal ending. Ah well- Darwin bats Last,Karma’s his pinch hitter, but Reality owns the Ball Park. And thus? Attempts to tamper with the mundane’s reality risk getting thrown out of the game..

  32. I agree. Not only should this irresponsibel post be deleted and the very website be deleted because of the post, but also the internet.
    Imagine the trouble people could cause with the information available on the internet. Its existenece is so irresponsible. How dare you Al Gore?!

  33. I’m surprised anyone’s worried about safety from messing with these things.
    Here in South Australia, I have simply not ever seen one being used in place of proper signage. I have seen them advertising the local private schools lights display, roadworks happening in a few months time, half-price sales etc. All sounding like some good targets to me.

  34. The problem is that these things have become as commonplace as the safety instructions on airlines: no-one pays a damn bit of attention to them. Exposing how easily it is to “crack” them makes sure that the makers and deployers know they need no fix these holes. A fine public service.

    To imply that it’s a bad idea for BoingBoing to publicize this is illogical: when, for example, has having a software security service informed the public of a minor virus or trojan been a bad idea?

  35. Zombie alert will make me watch for ANYTHING! I also would hope to have a passenger with me to get a picture of that. The only thing is that I hope it wasn’t a sign saying an exit was closed. Road work would equal to zombie watching in my book. As for the liable thing… man no one can take a joke anymore the world is full of paranoia (why not add zombies to the mix?).

  36. Problem is, here in ‘merica, everyone takes everything so damned literally. Most people even take the bible literally, for Pete’s sake. Metaphor escapes them and jokes are lost on them, because they’ve never been taught to think. Philosophy classes should be a standard, starting in the elementary schools. But that’ll never happen, because we don’t raise thinkers here, we raise soldiers.

  37. It is not the fault of a road sign, however tampered with it may be, if someone crashes their vehicle. What happened to personal responsibility? For that matter what happened to laughing at a good practical joke? Come on people, relax.

  38. #10. ‘How many people actually read, comprehend, and act upon the information contained in a sign reading “TRAFFIC PATTERN CHANGE?”‘

    That reminds me of Texas, where they post a string of warning signs in a row about construction, and the first one will say something like “State law – obey all traffic signs.” (At least they used to have them around Houston c. 1997.) Doesn’t that go without saying? I always thought they should have a sign before that saying, “VERY IMPORTANT, READ THE NEXT SIGN.” Or a sign afterwards saying, “DAMMIT, YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO READ THAT SIGN. ARE YOU EVEN READING THIS ONE?” An infinite regression of signs warning you to be sure to read the next one coming up, alerts for people who don’t read alerts.

    They also had occasional expressway signs saying “barrier damaged”. In case you’re stinking drunk or so deeply asleep that you’ve only been guided down the road by scraping the side of your truck along the barrier on one side or the other, this sign lets you know to wake up and stay within the white lines for a few moments, then you can go back to playing bumper cars.

  39. If there were really zombies ahead, wouldn’t you be all up in arms if the signs hadn’t warned you?
    Sometimes you need to be ready to deal with life without warnings.

    And speaking quite truthfully, I’ve never once seen these signs used in a way that helped my act on the road. Most often they tell me to turn to an AM station to find out whether anything is happening, rather than stating it then and there. electricity is free if you’re the guvmint.

    If you live in Pennsylvania, then you’re probly familiar with PennDOT’s utter inability to properly direct or route traffic or messages relating to road work anyway, or build a highway or exit lane or put up signage… I’d rather know when the zombies are ahead. And actually, I’d prefer to know my fellow citizens are looking out for me. <3
    @19, nice concrete example. I cite it as supporting evidence.

  40. to all those asking for this post to be taken down:
    how can we ever have true decision making ability if all the tough decisions are made for us? good means nothing if evil was never an option, and in this case reading this article gives me agency, does it mean that I will go out and change a road sign that could endanger lives? probably not. Does it mean that I know how to though? most definitely. Boing Boing has in effect enabled me to make a conscious decision about my actions, rather than one necessitated through inactivity.
    Also there are potential uses for this information, while they are few and far between they do exist, and so long as the possibility of using this information positively exists you have no grounds to ask for it’ removal.
    Finally a little information never hurt anybody, those who want to be dicks will be dicks whether or not they know about this DIY.

  41. Man, don’t do this in Boston or you’ll have the entire police force on overtime prepping to battle the zombie hordes.

  42. And what if the Zombies change the warning back from “Zombies ahead” to “Slow. Construction.” in order to make the cars easier to ambush?

    As Jon Stewart might say, “Curse you, Internet!”

  43. lets be honest, does anyone actually read those signs while your speeding down the freeway at 85mph? I try, but I am just going to fast. The only time I really read then is when it matters – when your sitting in traffic.

  44. 1) Posting this is not irresponsible
    Not mentioning it is a state jail felony is.
    2) Traffic signs are useful if you are unfamiliar with an area, but locals generally don’t need a sign up to let them know the on ramp has moved or the left lane is closed.
    3) If these signs were constantly being vandalized because of the public knowledge of ths signs workings, the state governments would have to come up with a better method for securing access to them.

    Changing one of these could result in an accident if the driver relied solely upon a road sign for guidance. However here in Texas a large portion of our population does not speak English at all, so these signs (which are all in English) don’t help them a bit. I agree completely with an earlier poster when he stated that if the information was so vital to have that not having it would likely result in fatalities, a police officer would be on the scene directing traffic.

  45. Oh quite whining. If you rely entirely on what a sign says for all driving then you probably have already died in a traffic accident that YOU caused.

    If you can’t react quickly enough when you realize that instead of zombies there is simply a closed lane, then you shouldn’t be driving any-freaking-ways. I am quite proud that whoever changed that sign decided to go with a zombie warning.


  46. “So if you DON’T change the sign are you directly liable when someone ends up getting killed by zombies?”

    HAHAHAHAHA I like the person who said this, you are FUNNY!!!!

  47. Post 31, thank you. Its good to know that there are normal people out there unlike those who wanna sound mature or above all others! shit I wish I knew more people like u!

  48. “First and foremost, remember: It is never irresponsible to publish something merely because the information has the ability to be used to cause harm. Absolutely without exceptions, it is better that people be informed than it is for them to be ignorant, yet well-behaved.”

    That’s almost exactly what Karl Rove said about the Valerie Plame leak.

  49. All this outrage makes me wonder how dangerous it must have been before these signs were around.

    There must have been complete carnage as cars just kept on piling into a closed left lane because they hadn’t been told.

  50. Speaking of dumb signs, here’s a good one that I saw in Cleveland over the weekend: “YIELD TO TRAINS”

    Yeah, that’s right. We’ll give you a license to drive but we’re going to assume that you have to be told that railroad rolling stock has the right of way.

    No, it wasn’t a prank. They were all over where the streets crossed the commuter rail tracks.

  51. whoever thinks this is morally wrong is an Rtard!
    if u dont like it dont try it…if u see the sign saying anything ur gna pay more attention to the road…plus if someone did die it wud only add to the fear that maybe your are driving through Zombie county

  52. I’m just happy for this opportunity for us residents of Pennsylvania to get together like this. Sometimes it seems like there’s just nothing to set us apart from all the other states, but then it happens and we are all reminded about what makes PA truly special and unique:

    Our roads.

  53. Here’s an idea – if it’s so important that the message absolutely MUST BE SEEN, then lock the access box! Leaving it open is just asking for this kind of tomfoolery!

  54. For those who are complaining about this information being posted, you should know, most of the time the operators manual stays with the sign, and includes this information. Sometimes, if it’s a rental sign the info is on a handy sticker in easy view. All one has to do is stop, look, and read.

  55. Oh man. Time for the crowbar argument. I can go buy a crowbar in any hardware store and use it however I like. If I break into my house, car etc. no big deal. On the other hand if I break into YOUR house, car, etc. I am breaking the law. Same logic holds for signs, lock picking tools, computer security progs and on and on. Information (just like tools) should be available for the public good, and what the individual does with said tool should only reflect on their fitness to be part of that public. In other words, endanger the public go to jail; make the public laugh while doing no harm get praised on BB.

    On a lighter note. While driving through Illinois I saw a sign at an abandoned Wendy’s that read “Beware of scary fur toaster.” Whatever the hell that meant I don’t know and I wish I had a picture of it but in any case it made me laugh. I never did see the scary fur toaster.

  56. The only problem I see with this post is the arguments that occurred afterwards, you guys ran it into the ground so hard that there’s nothing left of it or you.

  57. I give HUGE points to whoever suggested HOW DADDY IS DOING.

    Last week I would have said MERGE LEFT [state change] INAUGURATION DAY.

  58. Well if the apocalypse is coming, we can warn people by changing the sign!
    Has anyone even checked the validity of this? Can you REALLY change the text? Haha, I can’t believe there has been an actual argument about of changing a flashing ROAD SIGN. The things on the side of the road that nobody sees anyway. If there was a serious threat to the road, I’m pretty sure they would close it all together.
    “Watch out, Cliff ahead”?
    Messing with a sign that is signaling for people to change to the left lane, really wouldn’t be that tragic would it? Seriously, since when has somebody died because they didn’t change lanes? And how often do they ACTUALLY tell you to change lanes with a flashing sign of all sorts.
    Chill out. There are much bigger things in life to be freaking out about.

  59. I live in Pennsylvania and there are so many of these signs, and so much road construction, that to read every one would surely cause someone to crash. No one around here would even notice if someone changed the sign. Plus, we have dozens of road construction signs on a nearby highway, many stating closed lanes, and either the sign says the wrong lane is closed, or there is no construction…these are the signs that Penndot put out themselves. Then of course, we also have road construction and no signs, I think Penndot is trying to mess with drivers! I would love to see a funny sign though, maybe a randomly placed one would make people slow down and drive the speed limit.

  60. want people to pay attention add the text


    to the text already there.

    you can bet people will pay attention to that!!!

  61. #13: “So if you DON’T change the sign are you directly liable when someone ends up getting killed by zombies?”


    Are there any arrow characters? I’ve always wanted to make them point to one lane and have it say “GAY LANE” to see what effect it has 🙂

  62. Oh, good grief.

    That’s what’s really wrong with society these days. We have gotten to the point where merely knowing HOW to do something is irresponsible and dangerous, rather than actually doing it.

    War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Strength

  63. It’s amazing how much of a response this post got. I tend to agree that it is unlikely that someone will drive off the road because the LED Sign was switched from right lane closed to left lane closed. That’s like expecting someone to drive into a lake because their GPS was a little off.

    LED Signs are a great way to get safety information out there but let’s not go overboard about how much people rely on them to save their lives in construction zones on the highway.

    Hopefully noone will mess with an LED Sign on the road and cause someone to get hurt! That would suck!

    For more information about LED Signs & Displays check out

  64. Telling someone how to do something is not the same as actually doing it.
    I’ve seen videos on how they make coca leaves into pure cocaine, but I don’t want Youtube shut down because they hosted the videos.
    I’ve seen several movies where the hero makes an illegal sawed off shotgun(i.e. The Terminator), but no one clamored to shut the movie down because IF viewers did it, they would be breaking the law.

    I want to know how to do as much stuff as I can so that if I NEED to know how to do something, I can do it. Imagine if someone was broken down near a construction site in the desert, it would be useful to have a message on there like, “Send Help, Motorist in Need” or something..

  65. Wow look at all the “what if police”. I agree knowledge is not inherently dangerous to others but it is what you do with said knowledge. Now if I happen across some Zombies on my daily commute I feel confident that I can appropriately amend the message on the sign I pass that has no relevance to driving conditions.

  66. I think a person who is driving and talking on their phone at the same time is more dangerous than this sign. Drivers read tons of signs while driving, so just because the content on this sign isn’t as favorable, it doesn’t mean it’s going to single-handedly cause an accident.

  67. Relax everyone. No one said go out to an area where these signs are playing a big part in traffic safety, after all if it was in a area like that someone would notice and call the authorities.

  68. couple points. first off that is freaking hilarious. i would gladly change one of those signs in a heartbeat. they usually don’t mean anything anyway. however to a second point. every day i drive to work on an old highway. couple of month ago they did construction. i was driving to work at four AM. they had tons of signs. including the one above and the big freaking arrows. being a person who went through that area twice a day every day at a time when no one is on the road, i went 80mph. never had a problem. however one day the signs were not out. and some guy followed me through. he however did not know the area and did not react to the fact that a concrete barrier was in the middle of the road. paramedics took two minutes to arrive and ten seconds to pronounce him dead. things happen. use your best judgment.

  69. quit yelling at the guy.
    yes, the information on the sign was likely important, but how do you know he didn’t change it, take the pic, and change it back? And it was the middle of the night. the highway was likely dead. i’m not telling people to do it…just telling people to chill.

  70. i know this may never be read

    but half of you are so efing dumb

    this isnt going to kill a single person

    no one is going to mess around with one of these that says “death ahead”

    you all need to drop your responsible adult acts and realise that your either 18 or pathetically 35 and reading this at 3 am pissed off that you never had a fun life and even though its funny as anything you need to make people feel bad

    i hate the world


    also, since these are covered with locks its a moot point

    please die now

  71. How about you all act like mature adults(if you are one). Things like this are for a good laugh. the “how to” meh well some things you might need to know if the occasion arises that you might end up saving lives.

  72. This post spells out the default password. If there is any instruction manual for a device with passwords, it will surely say, “Change the default password as soon as you start using it, or else your device will not be secured, ya frickin moron.” Any authorized user of the device who leaves it with default password is negligent in the first place.

    And if the device has a password override, it just isn’t very secure in the first place. The users and/or designers would deserve some credit for not making a device that was really secure, or for not using it correctly.

  73. All you have to do is have one page flashing LEFT LANE CLOSED or whatever and when the next page flashes have I RULE or whatever. Both messages are equally important for the driver to recognise

  74. If I changed one to “Hang up and drive!” would that mitigate the danger of removing the lane-closure notice?

  75. You could always keep the information already on there and just make it funny “Warning zombies ahead merge left” : D

  76. Oh your god, chill out you people.

    Seriously. If someone sees that huge yellow LED sign that says something silly like “ZOMBIES AHEAD” then it’s obviously been tampered with. I don’t know about YOU, but I’d be a hell of a lot more alert because of that. If you see “RIGHT LANE CLOSED” then you’ll just trust that and merge left with not a second thought. Also, nowhere does this article say: “HEY PEOPLE! GO OUT AND DO THIS, ITS SO FUN AND COOL!” It’s just like an article that explains how to preform heart surgery. They don’t tell you to go try it out on your grandma. This is simple information and whether or not you choose to do it is up to you and is on your own conscious. Ever read the book “Forbidden Knowledge”? The disclaimer has the same concept.

    If I saw that in real life, I’d probably laugh my ass off all the way to my destination. In fact, I’d probably have to stop in the E-Lane to avoid crashing into anyone due to the hilarity.

  77. The bulk of arguments here are erroneous. The suggestion that giving out this information is dangerous to the public, as well as stating that such signs don’t typically carry life-saving information, are both flawed. The principle behind this post and others like it is INFORMATION WANTS TO BE FREE. Here’s how it works: Both the makers of this device (Addco) and the purchaser (Caltrans, DOT, etc) have access to this public post. For that matter, they know how their own equipment works, prior to this post. It is THEIR responsibility to implement proper security: Addco needs to eliminate such a foolishly accessible “back door”, and customers such as Caltrans must be competent enough to change the default password. The onus of responsibility is exactly where it should be: on those selling and using the equipment. The suggestion that we can remain secure through public ignorance is, to put it bluntly, stupid. Posting such arguments is akin to arguing that the machinations of our government leaders must remain secret in the name of “national security”. Ignorance is in fact the diametric opposite of security, and those suggesting otherwise are fools. Posting arguments that such signs don’t contain possibly life-saving information is similarly, though not quite as dangerously, stupid.

  78. this was in Austin Texas, they are looking for this guy right now. I would suggest deleating or get busted, if you haven’t been already!


  79. I think this is funny. In the UK at least, the vast majority of the time these signs say either ‘fasten your seatbelt’ or – incomprehensibly – ‘don’t drink and drive’, as though that will stop a drunk driver… Obviously it would be irresponsible to change a sign offering actual information about the road ahead, but if it’s the same generic rubbish why not make somebody’s day brighter with an amusing message?

  80. Lets just hope that people take a moment to think of any potential consequences before they edit these signs

  81. You all just qq to much, Get over it, It’s funny plus im sure it wasn’t that much info you need to know.

  82. Lighten up people (you know none of you chicketshits have the cojones to pull it off anyways, so this is pretty much all rhetoric).

  83. Screw responsibility. If someone crashes that’s their fault, not due to information (correct or not) on a sign.

    I say we compete for the best possible msg to leave on one these boards. Mine?


  84. I hate all these close minded people wanting this thing “taken down” or “deleted”.

    I find it effin hilarious and agree-gree with anyone who is only trying to get a laugh or have some fun. This proves hackers are still around and i’m not talkin about the “bad” ones you hear about on the news. I mean the funloving ones from back in the day. More power to OP and I’m most def gonna do this!

  85. Please forgive me if I am wrong but if a motorist has to depend on a road sign to safely navigate the road than there is a definite possibility that they should not be behind the wheel in the first place. Simply seeing the large flashing sign should be plenty of warning to the motorist that there is an exception to the normal driving procedures and that they should be on the look out for it. For instance if the left lane is closed is there not always a row of barrels looming in the foreground guiding you to the right? My point is that the flashing sign is not the only defense for the safety of road workers and motorists.

  86. We live in an age where its ok to see people doing drugs or getting killed on tv. But if theres a nipple, GRAB YER PITCH FORKS FOLKS WE GOTS OURSELVES AN OLD FASHION RAID ON THAT THERE TELEVISION STATION! So its only natural that we have people saying this is irresponsible. When i think the fact that youll only drive safely and pay more attention when you read these signs is a lot more irresponsible. You should always being paying full attention to the road and driving the speed limit, if your doing that then youll notice any problems ahead. But unfortunately people refuse to do it and drive like idiots anyway, sign or no sign.

  87. ok i would jsut like to say have any of you that have complained actually tried to change a digi sign cos he might be yanking you in which case you would all look like massive idiots, and if it does work i think i shall change one near my house that warns of a round about to 60 mph should be fun

  88. Ok. I have a couple of things to say here. First of all, for those of you who took this so seriously that you had to write a long boring post complaining about it, I think you should get your heads out of the sand, get a sense of humor, and read the long, boring post I’m writing to point out how stupid you are. After reading posts #6 (anonymous) and especially #11 (smonkey), I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to stop reading posts. So it was solely you two that drove me to writing this post that states what is common sense to most people. It’s people like you that cause so much stupidity in this country. I’m sure there are plenty more of you who are mad about this, so I’m addressing this post to you too. For some reason, I had more faith in you people by thinking that you know a joke when you see one. Maybe you should have a little faith that people are going to have the common sense not to actually go out and do this if it will cause an unsafe situation. If you really need to rely on a sign to tell you what you should see on your own, then you shouldn’t be on the road in the first place. So if someone sees a sign that says “Zombies ahead,” and they really think that there are zombies ahead, maybe they should hit the roadblock that they should’ve seen without the help of a sign. I’m not saying that they should die or get seriously injured, im just saying that they should get a little scar that reminds them to stop being so stupid. If you’re really that concerned by the safety of the idiots who need the signs that say “construction ahead” because they can’t see for themselves, then when you change the sign (and we all know you will), then keep the general message the same, just lighten it up a bit. For example, instead of “Bridge out ahead,” maybe put something like “UFO site ahead.. Run for your lives!!” And if the people that are so offended by this happen to be a “victim” of this joke, maybe it’s a sign that it might be time for you to get a sense of humor. Either that or fall off the bridge that’s out ahead.

  89. lmao aww this is funny the amount of comments i mean! u guys are evil,u guys should shut down the site!!! blah blah blah.first of all if there were people out there sadistic enough 2 change a sign to change to the right/left(depends were u live)of the road so others would die then surely they have killing people already on there brain and it will happen anyway regaurdless if they use this method or not so there and second of all…i have no second of all actually,loved the idea and plan 2 manipulate those already distracting signs into something funny and distracting,they say laughter relaxes you dont they so maybe ill prevent an accident and be an unsung hero 😛 btw i joined this site just 2 post this ha

  90. LOL.
    iT’S FUNNY.

  91. I’m a stumbler, age 16, never been to this site before, but I think this idea is funny.

    I agree with a majority of you that, if used inappropriately some one could get hurt, but even if the sign was just changed to “Zombies ahead” I highly doubt any reasonable driver would fail to realize that they should probably become more alert of the pending situation.

    I think that there is a reasonable compromise to the situation, as pointed out by some other people:

    “left lane closed due to Zombies”
    “road work ahead due to your mom”

    etc etc.

    I think, if used with at least a sixteen year olds discretion that this is a harmless and extremely funny prank.

  92. Chill out people. If the lemmings learn how to drive in the first place all will be OK. Are you telling me that a stupid flashing sign has replaced the brains of all motorists in the US? Oh wait, maybe only in LA county.

  93. What a shame you little *****! I hope somebody change the sign on you, and you get in big trouble! How dare you put such information on this site! I took some action on this that you don’t need to know about.

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  95. This would be cool to do if something like a road crew left the sign and the road was fixed.


  96. I agree with everyone who said to change it so that the new info is there along with the old. (i.e. “Zombies Ahead—merge left” or, you could always put “merge left to avoid Zombies” that might work too.) Of course, it’s illegal to tamper with this stuff, but whomever figured out how to do so, and not get caught—pretty smart if you ask me! Anyway, I would be paying MUCH more attention to my driving after seeing a “Zombies Ahead” sign…think about it, at first you’ll slow down because you’ll be confused. Then you’ll either pull a U-turn, or you’ll keep driving, but your windows will be up, doors locked, music lowered, not talking on your cellphone, and you’ll be driving slower. I wish someone would change the darn signs where the invisble PennDot workers are (if you live or have driven in PA before, you’ll know what I mean)—Too many times I’ve driven past supposed construction sites, and there are vehicles and orange cones and blocked lanes, but the PennDot workers are nowhere to be found…must be invisible, just like those zombies… 😀

  97. There are so many great posts I’ve read here, but #113 actually made me LOL … literally


  98. In today’s world, putting your hazards on can mean any number of things, from “imminent slowdown ahead” to “I’m driving below the speed limit here” to “I just won this streetlight to streetlight race.” Because flashing hazard lights can have ambiguous implications as to what the driver is trying to signal, there is the Help Alerter, a great safety solution for the motorist who likes to be extra prepared.

    Help Alerter Detailed View

    The Help Alerter is a special license-plate holder that features a highly noticeable, flashing “Help” sign that’s activated when the license plate is pulled down. The easy-to-install and -use holder can be mounted to any location your rear license plate is located, including trunks, hatch lids, and bumpers. During normal vehicle operation, the license plate covers the sign by sitting on top of it forex trading. In times of emergency or when pulled off to the side of the road, the license plate is pulled down, activating and exposing the flashing sign.

    The unit features a heavy-gauge plastic construction for added durability and utilizes LED lights for high visibility even in especially hard-to-see scenarios. The Help Alerter will continue flashing even if your vehicle’s battery has died, as the sign runs on its own battery source. For the motorist who needs roadside assistance, this product can prove to be an invaluable asset.

  99. The road always narrows where I see these things. Nobody pays attention because the road is always screwed. The one thing that always remains constant is the idiots who drift out of their lanes because they cannot multitask when they talk on their cellphones. I think the following flashing message is appropriate:


  100. The only problem is the road signs by Precision Solar Controls Inc. There is no control button so you can’t reset the password and none of the passwords i have found have worked. If anyone can help with the model CPU-1M-ASSY road sign. email me

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