Jolicloud: beautiful new OS designed specifically for netbooks


Jolicloud looks gorgeous: a clean, crisp, stripped-down and iPhone-like OS specifically designed for netbooks by Tariq Krim.

This really is the sort of OS I want to see on netbooks: beautifully designed, crisp, clean and with a bare minimum of frills... just big program launching buttons and easy-to-install app packages.

Jolicloud isn't out yet, but I can't wait to give it a spin.

Jolicloud [Official Site via Crunchgear]

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  1. Very encouraging. I’m still convinced Google is working on something similar using Chrome as the window manager.

    Since most of the time on netbooks is spent in the browser, it makes sense to use the browser/tab interface as the primary launcher.

  2. Seriously, what is it with designers who think that adding transparency/background pictures is in ANY WAY an improvement?

    My computer desktop is not “Where’s Waldo,” OK?

    The visual noise of having icons floating over a moody picture of a typewriter is so bad that the designer has even added semi-transparent borders around the icons, but as a result, there’s a meager twelve icons per “page” and 6 “pages” to flip through to find things.

    Back in the Eighties, Microsoft used bright, saturated colors in every interface element, because it caught the eye in magazine ads, and presumably sold more software. They’ve mostly gotten that under control, now.

    Early Mac OS X had Candy Disease, which they’ve toned down over the years.

    And here’s the Web 2.0 version, where everything is transparent, blurry, smoky grey. Looks cool, until you have to use it when your vision is less than perfect.

    And clearly, it is the designer-child of Mac OS X’s translucent windows (now almost entirely banished) and Microsoft Aero’s clear/blurry window borders– the biggest design WTF in recent memory. Why do you want to make it hard to tell where one window ends and another begins? As the Church Lady would say, “Are you, oh, I dunno, SATAN?”

  3. I’d apologize for sounding like a big nerd if I weren’t posting on boingboing. That’s not an OS. It’s a mock-up of a desktop environment which could run on just about any modern OS.

  4. I’m a little suspicious of a distro that has only offered up mock-up of the UI. The site has no details of kernel, package management, included packages and binaries, etc . . .

    I’ve installed about 15 or so different distros on my EEEPC. Some made just for the platform and some vanilla. Arch Linux and XFCE4 have my favor out of all of them.

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