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Excuse the quality, but surreptitiously snapped on my iPhone while sneaking out of her apartment at dawn, the sticker-slathered backside of a PowerBook G4 belonging to a sassy Jersey Girl bartender I'm seeing. If you can tell the quality of a woman by the mad chromatic zoo of glittery Japanese chan characters she sticks on her laptop cover, I think I might have found something of a keeper. This, right here, was my day brightener.

I know, I know. The mad cap plastering of brightly colored stickers on an Apple notebook as if it was a teenage girl's Trapper Keeper might be looked upon by some as a profane desecration of Apple's clean, pure design, but I don't find myself in that camp at all. I have always liked slapping stickers on my laptops, making them dynamic, brightly-colored, multi-layered expressions of self... or, at least, any parts of self they make a sticker for. That Apple's laptops are so imminently uncustomizable and that its customers can be so cultishly slavish to Cupertino design makes it all the more important to do something, anything to differentiate my Mac from all the others out there.

What about you? Maybe you have just slapped some stickers on your laptop, or maybe you've fractally laser etched a design in, or maybe you've graffitied your chassis. If so, we'd love to see your laptop art. Just add a photograph of your laptop to the Boing Boing Gadgets Flickr pool, tag it "bbglaptopart" and we'll pick out some of our favorites to show off.

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  1. Heh. I havn’t adulterated this new computer a ton yet. All there is is a small turtle sticker next to the power button.

    On my old iBook G4, there was a speech bubble coming from the speaker saying “think,” a couple of misc. stickers, and a “Must…Find…WiFi…Time…Running…Out” sticker which came with a computer case for my dad on the back.

  2. I’ve been wanting to adorn my drab black Dell for awhile. I’m too cheap for skins, and skateboarding stickers just don’t seem right on a laptop. I’ve been thinking about laying down some acrylic paint, but I’m sure it would come off pretty easily. After seeing that Super Mario Land EEE, I might have to save up for a laser etch. Hmm, maybe a giant Mr. Saturn…

  3. As well as a few stickers, Velcro-taped onto my MacBook Pro’s lid:
    * 120GB Western Digital external hard drive (“podSpace”),
    * Retractable mini USB cable for the hard drive, spool offset and Velcro-taped to the lid, usually plugged into the right-side USB port,
    * Four retractable cables at the ready:
    * USB mini,
    * USB A,
    * Firewire,
    * iPod.

  4. my only camera is the fixed webcam on top of the monitor + all my stickers are on the back = Myspace-y mirror photo. With two mirrors? Something.

  5. My old PowerBook 140 had 3-4 stickers of the hyena characters from “The Lion King.” There was something appealingly raffish about them.

  6. Don’t advertise her address – His Steveness will rise from his sickbed to peel the stickers off the case.

    If He had wanted stickers on the case, He would have had them placed there on the assembly line.


  7. I have a “Bacon is a Vegetable” sticker on the lid of my laptop. It was a refurb and had makrings on it that just wouldn’t come off.

    My desktop on the other hand is adorned with about half a dozen “Do not sell before mm/dd/yy” stickers from Xbox games.

  8. I hate being yet-another Macschmuck at the cafe. The first place I’m considering putting a sticker on my MacBook is over the Apple logo.

  9. Does (or did) she know you were posting what her unique laptop looks like on the Internet, letting everybody who sees it and reads BBG know who she is?

    If she starts getting harassed on the street by Linux dorks, you only have yourself to blame, Brownie.

  10. I hate being yet-another Macschmuck at the cafe. The first place I’m considering putting a sticker on my MacBook is over the Apple logo.

    That’s become so passe that it makes you look like even more of a “Macschmuck”. The best thing is to just not care and make your laptop yours.

    ColorWare is both intriguing and expensive.

  11. I hope you sat up all night explaining to her that everything Apple does, others do better?

    You did, right? 🙂

  12. I don’t really do stickers on my machines.

    The closest would be allowing the “Atom” badges to remain om my two latest pieces, but that’s only because I’m a fan of the platform.

    I’m more into internal modifications.

  13. I love stickers, I have some everywhere… I buy/take/steal/create stickers all the time and still it’s not enough.
    Want to make me happy? Give me some stickers!

    hardcore stickerophily.

  14. Just added mine. The best part of having a 17″ isn’t the extra screen real estate, it’s more room for stickers on the back 🙂

  15. Added. I managed to finally bury the Apple logo finally (though it bravely glows beneath the senjafuda stickers)

  16. I love stickers. I have many and put them up on street poles and at train stations an on almost everything I own.

    Except my Macs. There’s just something about the Macs I own that makes putting stickers on them the equivalent of tattoos on pristine skin.

    Dunno, maybe I’m just a Mac fag who can’t get over the fact that if Steve Jobs wanted us to have stickers on our Macs he’d put them on there for us.

  17. “imminently uncustomizable”

    Oh no! No one told be this was coming. How long have we got to customise them?

  18. Steve can’t be -that- upset: my latest MacBook came with the usual pair of Apple stickers in the box. And no “don’t freaking stick these on your damn computer” EULA caluse.

  19. “[…], I think I might have found something of a keeper.”

    Think again. What does a “Deutscher Fussballbund” (German Soccer Association) sticker alongside a mad chromatic zoo of glittery Japanese chan characters tell about the quality of a woman?

  20. Notice the spacing of the stickers? She seems a little intentional .. almost OCD with the placement. I don’t think I’ve seen it done that way before.

  21. I actually have those sorts of stickers, in a diagonal band, across my Powerbook 15″. I even have some of the very same stickers. Weird.

  22. I kept my original iBook Kubrick-clean: it was the first nice thing I ever bought myself, and I liked the 2001 styling (in 2004, I mean 2001 the movie). It’s still immaculately clean. But it died, and I bought a powerbook from a pal with kids. Thus, it was already festooned with Dragonball-Z decals & whatnot. SO I’ve started layering. I might take the cover off & stencil it. Maybe peel some sections clean & put it under the laser at work. Who knows. It’s like having a new car, the forsdt one never HAD any dents, so I kept it clean. This one came looking bummy, so I can ave some fun.

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