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Excuse the quality, but surreptitiously snapped on my iPhone while sneaking out of her apartment at dawn, the sticker-slathered backside of a PowerBook G4 belonging to a sassy Jersey Girl bartender I'm seeing. If you can tell the quality of a woman by the mad chromatic zoo of glittery Japanese chan characters she sticks on her laptop cover, I think I might have found something of a keeper. This, right here, was my day brightener.

I know, I know. The mad cap plastering of brightly colored stickers on an Apple notebook as if it was a teenage girl's Trapper Keeper might be looked upon by some as a profane desecration of Apple's clean, pure design, but I don't find myself in that camp at all. I have always liked slapping stickers on my laptops, making them dynamic, brightly-colored, multi-layered expressions of self... or, at least, any parts of self they make a sticker for. That Apple's laptops are so imminently uncustomizable and that its customers can be so cultishly slavish to Cupertino design makes it all the more important to do something, anything to differentiate my Mac from all the others out there.

What about you? Maybe you have just slapped some stickers on your laptop, or maybe you've fractally laser etched a design in, or maybe you've graffitied your chassis. If so, we'd love to see your laptop art. Just add a photograph of your laptop to the Boing Boing Gadgets Flickr pool, tag it "bbglaptopart" and we'll pick out some of our favorites to show off.

Boing Boing Gadgets Flickr Group [Label laptop art "bbglaptopart"]

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