M.C. Escher meets Lance Armstrong for the Bio-Cycle


This sepulchral Bio-Cycle was made by metalworker Jud Turner. There's some questions on how a gothic bicyclist would actually ride this thing: I suggest digging your thumbs into the empty eye sockets while straddling the coccyx.

Jud Turner [Artist's Site via Gizmodo]

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8 Responses to M.C. Escher meets Lance Armstrong for the Bio-Cycle

  1. Abby says:

    Less Escher, more Geiger.

    Anyway, I doubt it’s functional as a bike, but it’d be awesome if someone tried that. I’d also be less concerned with steering than getting a stray vertebrae in the crotch.

  2. pork musket says:

    Yeah… I think you meant Giger. Don’t see anything about this that makes me think of Escher.

  3. elguapostrikes says:

    When will we stop objectifying skeletons? This is an outrage!

    -sorry, I just came from BB-

  4. monstrinho_do_biscoito says:

    hehehe. coccyx.

  5. Tenn says:

    I’ll take one. I have a few ‘friends’ that are concerned enough with image that the threat of vertebrae in the nads won’t concern them.

  6. devophill says:

    #3- Yeah, where is the outrage? 😉

  7. Torchwood says:

    @Elguapostrikes Thank you Tony Harrison


  8. Anonymous says:

    yeag. h.r. giger, not m.c. escher.

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