Steve Jobs introduces the first Macintosh computer

A little over twenty five years ago, a young, bow-tied Steve Jobs took the stage and introduced the first Macintosh computer to a hooting crowd.

A couple things strike me about the video: first, how Apple loved, even back then, to emphasize the dimensions of computers by showing what other containers they can fit in. There's shades of the MacBook Air's famous manilla envelope advertisement in Jobs' assertion that "everything you're about to see on screen was generated on the computer inside this bag."

Second: this audience was full of absolute dorks. Notice the level of applause when the pseudo-3D chess engine comes on. You'd think Jobs just announced a self-lubricating blowjob port.

[via Techcrunch]

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  1. “pseudo-3D chess engine comes on”

    That would be the very, very strange game “Alice”, which I believe was created by Steve Capps. It was published by Apple itself. Did Apple self publish any other games? I can’t remember.

  2. This was apparently in a time when everyone, even El Jobso, was clueless as how to adjust the vertical height and horizontal stretch of a CRT monitor. Millions of people working day-in and day-out, knowing nothing more than desktop images that only used 75% of the usable real estate on the screen. Such dark, dismal times.

  3. For about 5 seconds I was convinced it said “unsanely great” and thought maybe it was some weird 80’s Mac joke.

    Also, cameraman: zoom. the. f–k. out. I could barely see the thermal caterer’s bag the Mac was stuffed into.

    “The new Apple Macintosh. So small it fits inside a small sleeping bag.”

    The Steve is so much better at public speaking now.

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