Gallery: BBG readers' laptop art


Image: fortybillion

We asked for your sticker-slathered laptops, and we got a slew of them. Analysis: most of you guys use Macs, and you sure do like your Obama stickers. After the jump, a small gallery of some of our many favorites.

Don't forget to add your own stickered or laser etched laptop to the Boing Boing Gadgets Flickr pool, tagged "bbglaptopart."


Image: flash_n3rd


Image: Michael Holden


Image: leftonright


Image: Cristin Brenneman


Image: No Paradise


Image: ibechase


Image: Matt Honan


Image: hitesh


Image: chrisphin


Image: drauh


Image: august.wasilowski


Image: hori benny

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  1. Oh man that’s ironic.

    I just posted yesterday on the MyDellMini forums about REMOVING stickers, albeit INTERNAL company ones for better cooling (or the perception thereof).

    I always envy those with access to cool stickers.

    There are TONS of stickers, few of them cool.


  2. First thing I’d do if I got a Mac Laptop. Put gaffer tape on to change the shape of that bloody Apple. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

  3. So, if most of us are using Macs, what does everyone else have? I’m on an eee pc 901 running ubuntu 8.10 here.

  4. I doubt most of us use macs (a quick scan of your web logs should confirm or deny). I think it’s more that people with macs tend to be more image conscience (that’s the nicest way I could think of putting it) and thus more likely to add stickers.

    I like several of these though, especially the skull.

  5. I have stickers on my Makita drill case, my media cases, etc. but not on the laptop. I change my (company owned, Ubuntu, Dell) lappie so frequently I’d never put a good sticker on one. There’s always a better one available a week after you buy…

    The preponderance of sticker-bedecked macs may be because people keep mac lappies longer, in turn because they are at a higher price point. Or maybe because graphic artists traditionally prefer macs?

  6. Some seriously cool stickers!
    I need to find some more and stick some more so maybe next time i’ll make the top list.
    (Not a Mac)

  7. *blush* Aww, thank you BoingBoing!

    For clever use of the backlit apple, I’d nominate angelic Obama for 1st place.

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