A human lifetime in Rolex Time Sand


Michael Marcovici seems to specialize in art projects in which symbolic effigies of enormous amounts of countable things (money, time and... huh... Sangaku Kaizen soul stones) are stacked in illustrative ways. His Rolex exhibit takes 18 pallets of official Rolex brand time sand and stacks it into a human lifetime of 81 years, with each 30kg bag taking 30 days to pour through an hourglass.

The big puzzler for me: Rolex packages 30kg. bags of time sand? Who are they selling it to, short of Golden Age DC superheroes?

1/6 [Artist's Site via Oh Gizmo]

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  1. No dude, that’s the art! Rolex Time Sand only exists in this installation. They don’t package it and they don’t sell it to superheros.

  2. Well, here’s your problem right here, I guess you thought you’d save a buck or two, refill it with length sand instead of time sand. Yeah, whole other dimension, doesn’t work, pal.

    …Well, we’re gonna hafta pump and flush it, that’s not gonna be cheap, then we gotta fill it up with the right stuff. Long story short, you’re looking at a week and five hundred bucks.

    You need a loaner? HEY VINNIE! Set this guy up with the ’91 sundial. No offense, fella, but I’ve seen what you do with hourglasses.

  3. If my Rolex experiences are typical, that pile of sand is merely approximate. Plus or minus 10 seconds/day is good enough for them.

  4. Time sand… what a wonderfully mystical-sounding product.

    Is it harvested from the high desert plateaus of Gallifrey?

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