Nvidia Ion platform reviewed (Verdict: Put this in netbooks now, thank you)


Laptop tests a computer powered by a reference design of Nvidia's Ion platform, a combination of an Intel Atom processor and a GeForce 9400 graphics chip, which Nvidia hopes will start finding its way into netbooks. (Intel isn't exactly so excited about it.) After seeing the results of the test, I want it, too: 7.1 HD Audio, 1080p video playback, 3D performance that might actually be useful for gaming. Of course it'll affect battery life, but that's fine. I'd rather have the ability to do those things when I choose than never be able to do them at all.

Nvidia says Ion-powered netbooks are coming by the second quarter. My great netbook purchasing wait continues!

Nvidia Ion Reference PC [LaptopMag.com]

Update: Tech Report took a look, too.

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  1. Damn! If you keep announcing the next awesome thing just to com out, I’ll never take the plunge!

  2. Niiiice.

    I’ve taken the plunge once and I LOVE my Mini 9.

    In theory I could do it again in a year or two.

  3. Further proof that the ideal netbook is always 3 months away.

    Speaking of, any word on when the Eee Box 204/206 will hit the street? I’ve been waiting on that to build a Boxee/Hulu/Netflix box.

    Upside: now we’ll get to see a 1080p shootout between the Nvidia Ion and the integrated Radeon HD 3400 in the Eee Box.

  4. I would love my next laptop to be Ion-powered with a 12″ 1400×1050 screen. Tablet convertibility a big plus. Toshiba-style keyboard layout and touchpad (with or without trackpoint) a big plus.

    Pretty please?

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