Possible Acer smartphone with swivelable QWERTY grainily revealed


Boy Genius Report just published this grainy, grease-smeared picture of a heretofore unknown Acer smartphone, which will supposedly be announced at Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks.

The picture is immediately suspicious because of its unorthodox cropping, which made me wonder if it was simply a picture of an Acer touchscreen phone set atop a broken off QWERTY keypad.

But assuming this image is what it purports to be, it looks pretty interesting: it would seem that Acer had created a swivelable keypad for use in both landscape and portrait configurations.

That could be pretty awkward, and seem rather pointless if its OS is Android, since the new Cupcake upgrade adds an on-screen keyboard anyway. I do like having the choice of choosing between physical keypad and virtual one, but I'm fine with the compromise of making you choose landscape mode to do QWERTY.

One of Acer's Mobile World Congress handsets gets pictured [Boy Genius Report]

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  1. I briefly misread that as ‘swiveable QWERTY’.

    IMHO, that’s an area of innovation in cellphones that someone is going to make bank on.

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