HP releases gorgeous Apple-like custom UI for Ubuntu netbooks


As netbooks grow more popular, the custom Linux OSes being offered for them become more and more appropriate to the form factor, with larger, more smartphone-like icons.

HP ships a pretty swank netbook UI on their Mini 1000 Mi Edition, which is built on top of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron and ships with OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and Pidgin, as well as HP's own Apple-like custom media player, MediaStyle.

As HP explains it, the aim of the Mini Mi UI is to shield most users from the complexity of Linux, while keeping prices down by trimming out the cost of licensing Windows.

It looks fantastic, and now HP is releasing the UI on their website to allow owners of an XP Mini 1000 into a Mi Edition netbook. That's not terribly exciting, but looking through the screenshots, I'm in desperate hope that their customized Ubuntu build is compatible with other netbooks... or, if not, can easily be made to be. This is the way netbook OSes should both look and function.

HP releases netbook interface for Ubuntu [Download Squad]

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