Brushed metal nixie tube clock


The nature of nixie tubes makes any clock made of them relatively indistinguishable from its brethren, short of the composition of the base. There's not a lot of variation: six nixies lined up in a row, fluorescently glowing strangely sinewy numerals in the dark. But I still love the look for a bedside clock. This one is $350: it's like a Cold War nuclear countdown to the 6am apocalypse of waking up.

IN14 Brushed Clock [Tubeclock via Uncrate]

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  1. I used a Nixie tube calculator in university. It was a basic four function twelve digit model about the size of a small bar fridge!

    I just did some shopping and figured I could build from scratch a clone of this clock for less than $100. I need a clock in my living room, and this would be sufficiently geeky, and fun to make too!

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