Designer Bullshit: Perimeter Oscillations and the Pepsi Ratio


This 6MB PDF that is purported to be the pitch used by design group Arnell to sell executives at Pepsi on a new logo design is perhaps the most brilliant example of puffed up design faffery I've ever seen. I think the final design of the logo family, each slightly modified on each Pepsi product, is weaker than its predecessor, but the bolstering quasi-science used to justify the recalibration of a few bezier curves is art of Timecubeesque magnificence. [via]

Some choice excerpts:


"1929 Pepsi Geometries: Perimeter Oscillations", giving me a new favorite term to trot out the next time I'm criticizing the shape of a design.


There is supposedly some equation underpinning the ratio of each of the logo curves, which, well, duh. It's as if the designer took off his chunky glasses, peered around around the conference table, and stared into each Pepsi executive's soul. "Gentlemen, we will make these lines...with math."


The first half of the presentation is mildly credible, relying on classic if trite design fundamentals like the Golden Ratio, but this is one of the first signs that they've gone off the trail into the faerie fields.


"Laugh Out Logo". You know, like the internet.


Towards the end they're just pulling out anything from their clip art library that looks even mildly scientific.

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